Everett, Washington
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You guys keep lying to me and im sure many more. I keep getting a msg stating so and so chose you out of all the pros .

Then i pay the money to talk to this person come to find out they say well im talking to a couple more on HERE !! I have not booked one of these yet . So figure your *** out before sending these me and any other pros that are dealing with this . Im about to switch companies.

This is steeling when we get this msg there should be no reason why they say no to hiring us. Maybe you need to change your policy to where we pay you money if we book the gig not the way your doi g it now

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Leads.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I've got into the same trap getting message from Thumbtack " you have a new interested customer..don't keep them waiting". Replying on such a message means paying to Thumbtack $23, $25 or $27 and never hear from this customer again...

It's very unfair, if not to say scam! Not going to get caught like that again!


We never hear a peep from any one of these types of magical contacts. Thumbtack make it sound like the customer is contacting you when in reality thumbtack is contacting you for the customer. I think this is a really shady thing that thumbtack does and I will not be responding anymore.

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