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This is only the latest, and I do mean very last straw with these people. I am livid. I have documentation on this incident among many many others going back 4 years.

There's this supposed "clothing designer" in NY by the name of Sean Young. I sent an answer to his Thumbtack request and of course was immediately charged $23.30, as it should be. Those bid amounts have been going up and up over the last year. So he sent me some photographs taken from simple web photos with lines drawn around where a shirt would go, to show me the shape, and 3 colors specifically. I designed his shirt, nicely done in my opinion, but only an initial draft and certainly not a finished product. But as there was absolutely no real way to contact this person I put a watermark in my design. Afterwards I could not contact him at all, ever, and in no way did he ever again respond in any way, although he certainly had my contact information. So there I am, suspended in space having spent $23.30, as is usual with Thumbtack, and no response. I told him of course I was willing to take the watermark off of the design, etc. No response.

Well, I let that one go as there was no recourse, and after quite a long period of time I checked back on Thumbtack one day (having already left the platform some time ago for other territory) and what do I notice in my reviews? A 1 star review from Sean Young! Right. The ONLY 1 star review I've ever received from well over 60 total reviews, almost all of them 5 stars. My work speaks for itself, as my reputation does as well. But now, there is this ONE STAR review at the top. But that's not all. He didn't even write anything! HE DIDN'T WRITE ANYTHING. No reason, no purpose, no reply. Nothing. I have demanded my money back from TTack and also for the review to be taken down. They will do neither.

I am going to seek remuneration from these people, not just for this latest issue, but the many many issues that have come up over their refusal to have accountability in the face of dead ends, bad customers, and attempted ripoffs!

People at I can tell you, I even have a bad check on my wall from one incident for $2550! from a scammer of course. The check is a fake. I didn't do any work for them anyway, so it was just a scam, and I recognized it right away, but this is typical Thumbtack.crap. Sent all the information to the FBI hotline. Did that on several occasions actually. Finally became totally distanced from the site and have not done business there in over 6 months. I was very happy with them when I first started. It WAS a good thing and actually helped me start my business up faster than anything else could have. But what they have become now is a monster that reeks of corruption. For all we know, they have a small island in the south Pacific somewhere filled with tons of cheap laborers filling out fake requests every day, and we're paying for them.

Ok, just READ through the screenshots, which was our complete correspondence, from start to finish, if you want a good laugh. My favorite line of his is "Everything will be coming from my mind so I do not have pictures or hard reference guides".

Ok, so my photos all loaded backwards here, so read them from the last to the first.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Leads.

Reason of review: Lack of accountability, disreputable.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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