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First, a basic review of the business practices on companies like "ThumbTack". They serve merely as a conduit between those who foolishly trust "apps and all technology" and those who are struggling to build their business for one reason or another.

The "referral sites" such as this and others do little or no background checks on their contractors. If they pay the fees, they are on their referral list. You are likely to get a contractor who is not busy and often there is a good reason why.

Why not ask your friends and neighbors who they have used for a specific job or service in the past? They are either happy or unhappy and they will tell you. New to an area and don't know anyone? Simple, use this as a reason to meet others.

You have a very slim chance at getting a top quality contractor with these programs. Thumbtack charges the contractors to give you a quote (as much as $75 for EACH communication with you including emails) this is why they insert themselves between you and the contractor. Who do you think ultimately pays these fees? Yep, you do.

Why not pay for getting the project completed from a contractor who has actually worked for someone you know, verses whomever the internet arranges to show up at your door? I really dislike these companies who are inserting themselves into relationships with anyone who will pay them and disguising their service as some sort of actual screening process.

Quality professionals in any field generally won't waste their time with these 3rd party referral services as their satisfied, existing customers are the very best source of future customers. Only those without satisfied customers would rely on a expensive intermediary beyond the very initial time they are getting started in business.

I wouldn't hesitate to ask anyone in any city their opinion on something like this. I have been in business 40 years and have built many successful companies in a variety of fields and I would NEVER use any "Angies List, ThumbTack" or similar company for ANY reason.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of entire business model. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "idiotic service companies" of thumbtack leads. Thumbtack needs to "avoid ever using any third party referral services which you find on the internet" according to poster's claims.

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