I am a professional photographer and I get at least 5 opportunities a week from Thumbtack. Most of the 'first' names of the people seeking a photographer are unpronounceable which lends me to think that a lot of this is fake because when I do submit a bid, I never hear back from anyone.

I even tried to underbid by low balling my fees and still do not hear from anyone, yet Thumbtack wants me to spend more money for credits.

Overall, I think Thumbtack provides a lot of fake customer names and just takes money for credits. In better words...no jobs.

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I have gotten two jobs off of thumbtack n it's not a fake in the beginning my friend and I tested it he's a personal trainer I am an event coordinator the names depending on the areas but I assure you it's legit !! I love it !

to Juliewraps Hillburn, New York, United States #893500

The above comment is meaningless nonsense talk. Seems to be written by a 6 year old, or better yet someone from overseas.

Whittier, California, United States #892987

Totally fake! I too went to the extreme and lowered my fees.

And nothing!!! Total scam

to Unhappy 99 #893453

I've gotten two jobs and I love it at fist thought scam my friend joined he's a personal trainer so we tested it out just to see n it's legit I'm thankful for the extra money I make did wedding n baby shower it's in the way you word yourself too n don't come in too low mid price yourself

Rockville, Maryland, United States #892739

you are absolutely right. I have same experience.

I blow up so many points. With very low quote nobody bothers to reply back.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #892651

Thats exactly what they do. Want to read all the things Thumbtack does not want you to see?

Search for "thumbtack complaints" on Facebook. We distribute and explain all their dirty little tricks.

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