I have already quoted close to 20 and have no work. Got one response, which never turned into a client.

I have a Masters Degree, 25 years experience, and my rates are cheap. I have pics, 10 5-star reviews, and a great profile. I am frustrated by this an broke too! I have heard of people making this work, but I do not personally know of anyone who has gotten any work from Thumbtack.

I think this is a scam.

I believe this is a way for under-qualified amateurs to appear professional and eat from the professional pie. I will not be using this service any longer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Leads.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I wont be using thumbtack Didnt work for me when you contact contractors in different state aleast 4 hours away, I guess the over 5 million people living closer were not contractors!!!!


All these lead aggregation companies are bottom feeders and probably work if you have no pride or money and are willing to work for chump change. This is not for true professionals.


How is business losing money. Is it a fee to use the service?


Yes. They charge a fee to the professional to buy credits which can then be used for the bids.

I bid on 25 projects. Only 3 of those people actually had phone numbers with which to contact them. Then there were 2 more who actually responded to my message through thumbtack. Out of 25 bids, I landed 2 jobs.

One of them was because I "volunteered" to do the job. I only charged for the consultation, but I should have charged about 20x the amount requested. Yes. You heard right!

Anyway, the customers don't have to pay to place a request for bids. Professionals have no way to verify the bids are from real people.

So we lose money when we place bids. It's a raw deal.


Very handsome!


I have a degree as well and started a company on the side. I just starting using thumbtack 1 week ago and have already received 6 jobs by using this site.

It's not a scam trust me. It has been working fine for me.

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