I know they have false leads called one that included a number and the lady was clueless. The rate I was quoting for photography was to good with my experience not to book or at least get an inquiry.

I just hate they are taking advantage of free-lancers. I wonder if there is a way for us to unite and get the Attorney General involved. You know when you buy the lead and get the last name then you cross check it with face book the person does not have a facebook page 9 out of 10. A person using the internet to find services and does not have a facebook???...

whatever...Now their even posting for leads on job sites.

Somebody stop this company from stealing from hard working professionals!

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Leads.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

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Do you have any competitors? I was spending $100 a day on google pay per click ads and getting no calls.

People say google clicks on your ads. I found out that my old boss who was still mad I left after he denied me a deserved raise for 3 straight years was spending the day clicking on my ads. A friend who still worked there saw him doing it and he said he was just "checking up on us". Problem is my buddy knew what the PPC ads were because his mom owns a business, and told us.

I also got shopped by a competitor that booked a "free inspection" 3 times and blew me off every time. Turns out I outbid him for a job (didn't even know it) and this was retaliation.

Basically, every lead and advert service I ever used has dead ends. False leads aren't necessarily the fault of thumbtack. I get fake names to my websites "quick quote form".

I had a customer book and say they lived in another town and had another name. They claimed to live in a less wealthy town to see if my quote would change. "since I live in this affluent town I get highballed all the time" SOme people like their privacy and are reticent to just send out their info online.

As far as thumbtack, I just signed up.

I got 2 leads, quoted 1, and she called. She has to talk it over with hubby tonight, but I also facebooked her due to an unusual name, and she indeed was who and where she said.

My friend who is a wedding DJ says this is a "scam" He never gets calls back. He also has a very self styled website that is colorful and full of flair. Many people want tradition and off-white.

He is also very expensive. His "10% discount" he thinks that should automatically get him calls, is 4 times what his competitors charge. He is worth it, as he is a real pro. However, thumbtack users are looking for a bargain, and any kid with a laptop or in your case a DSLR, can "claim" to be a professional, despite actually being so.

It is up to the client to sort that out, and unfortunately many times price dictates all. I am lucky to be in a very controlled industry with certain licences.  The supplies are rgulated, and can't be bought at home depot or best buy.  I would feel bad for real general contractors who have to compete on thumbtack.


I doubt if you really spent for leads at Thumbtack. Monetary loss of $100 eh? I think I know who is making false accusations here.


The Best thing to do is to contact the Better Business Bureau and complain. If enough of us contact the BBB, TT will likely change their ways to keep their "A" rating.


Why are you doubtful? If they charge you $3.50 per a quote, and you do 30 quotes you have your $100.

Why do you care what he is saying anyway?

Unless you work for thumbtack. I hate thieves and liars.

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