After several months on Thumbtack, I have spent 100's of dollars on quotes to "potential clients" but was only hired once. the odds, at least from my experience, is about 100-1 against you.

The clients are not required to give a reason why your proposal was not accepted, you are just informed the job is "closed" or you never hear anything at all. I tested the system by putting all price ranges with no luck.

I suppose since I got hired once, there are some real people using thumbtack but I wouldn't be surprised if many more are just price shopping with no intention of hiring anyone (thumbtack gets paid anyway) and I also believe thumbtack somehow manipulates professionals in some way... No proof but the odds of you making money on this service are pretty slim.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1349937

Thumbtack reviews are phoney and misleading. Hiring anyone from there is a bad plan.

Tarpon Springs, Florida, United States #1319568

Its a joke. I've tried and tried to create an account.

But they say I have one. Bulls**t.

Vienna, Virginia, United States #1315161

I have been with thumbtack since they started. I have had varied success using their service and have made a few thousosand dollars.

We provide CPR + First Aid Training in the DC area. Because we were one of the first companies of our type to usr Thumbtack, we had success. I have a few repeat clients over the years which in grateful for.

Most of the requests seem fake, I noticed this from early on, but the majority of the jobs I've won, have been legit. My problem is with the other professionals in my field driving down the prices, a course that would cost $75.00 per person, others are offering for $25.00, which to me makes no sense when you factor in costs and travel.

I always send the customer a note after they view the quote. I also have a fully completed profile, have had a spotlight profile review, have over 20 reviews and a 5 star rating. I turned off the notifications because they were annoying, and I got fed up of the seemingly fake quote requests and lowballing by others. I haven't closed the account because of the backlinks which helps my local SEO, and theres a chance someone could browse the site and find my website.

I have noticed since I haven't been buying credits for sometime now, our company has fallen off the map as the top 10 in your area.

I will keep the account open though because I have made money over the years, and only spent a few hundred on credits.


Susanville, California, United States #1253865

I have to disagree. Im a painter in California, and have made a great deal of money through Thumbtack leads. It is only a form of getting leads, not intended to create a full source of income.

to John #1334054

I agree with the former about the low-balling and as for the second person are you the low baller?

Because I find that most people will hire the cheapest person no matter what they find out in the end that was a mistake but then they are too embarrassed also I wonder how you low ballers can afford to work so cheap please let me know so I can to become a low baller


I did thumbtack for nearly 3 months. I got hired once for a one day job.

thumbtack has hundreds of leads for me...but I cannot contact any of them without paying them. I paid about $90 and they gave me about 30 free credits for getting my brother to join it. He spent over $200 trying it out. He did over 30 bids...and got one job.

He and I think about 95% of thumbtacks clients are just looky-lous...wasting our time. Most have no intention of hiring you to do their work.

I think TT has their format all wrong...they milk you of your money...and you only get to talk with a few people. I think they need to change their format so at least you can get a lot of bids in....and they get paid when you get hired.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #912180

Couldn't agree more. I've been in the business long enough to know when there is a false name or requested quote. My gut feeling is that Thumbtack is bogus b.s.

to Sammy Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States #1308995

I agree...it looks fishy to me as a pro. Sometime i have the sense that even the request are fake....

You bid on it...no response or sometime the request close, then the next hour or the next day something come up with exactly the same specs, the only difference is the customer's name or the town....then you bid and just as the first time...nothing as a result.

I won't be surprised to find out later on that this whole thing is actually a scam.

I tried all the price range possible....on a 1200.00 job someone is telling that he got an offer for 90.00....

That's how you know that it is an all well orchestrated joke...

Thumbtack is a joke need to be investigated.

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, United States #906949

i agree...ive had to pay out several times and never got hired

Torrance, California, United States #905507

Secobillecond day I was on this site received a lead and got the job just giving praise where praise is due hopefully everyone can have the same experience


Some of the Requests are not real people! Once you get the quote request you get the full name and most people you can find through multiple social networks. I found that a lot of the inquiries do not use social media or are complete fakes (maybe put on by Thumbtack).

Tampa, Florida, United States #903975

I agree..I had the same experience with them. I think they should only get paid when you book a job..


i agree, i also notice that the names are about the same, about every 20 quotes, it does tell you about having to pay for the credits until you have in putted all the info abiyt the work or charges. i dont even answer them anymore

to Earle Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #903403

Earle, great question. Right now our parent company is covering the launch cost and operating expenses.

We do have ad placement to make up some of the cost but eventually in the early part of 2015, there will be a $5 per month listing cost. That is for everything we offer. There will never be bid fees, leads fees or any other costs to get customers to find your business. We felt that getting more customers should not be expensive.

By geo-coding our site visitors, only local businesses/services would should up in their search results. We do not have high overhead nor we are not funded with seed capital to generate a profit margin for investors. We want to be an affordable way for businesses to get more customers without becoming a burden financially. If that means operating lean to stand by our philosophy then that is what we will do.

I hope this answered your question. Mike @ Sidejobr

to sidejobr #1163775

Never happened, did it?

to sidejobr Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1230931

what about those of us are legitimate professionals that have already been taken for a ride. Customers have told me that they would never hire a tradesman that gave them an actual quote without seeing the job.

We get charged just for having our profile seen.

In two months I have been charged closed to a thousand dollars, seen 5 projects, and hired once for a 750.00 job. Where is your philosophy with that.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #902351

Same issue.

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