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have to agree with all the other complaints... spent about $100 as i was cautious because all other reviews but decided to check anyway.

Unfortunately its all true... all money that was invested never paid off, and if you ask me something is fishy about the way the requests arrive 40 times a day and no matter what price i quote ... not even one client actually got interested, especially when all other mediums actually work. I am not really pissed as i knew the outcome i just wanted to make sure all by myself.

My recommendation...

don't waste your money... there are other ways to attract a customer base.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Location: Westland, Michigan

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nope, the minute a "customer" looks at your bid you lose your credits ... win or no win you lose your money, thats why it sounds more like a scam than anything.

And dont say you "win" until the actual customer makes an order as email and phone communication is easy to fake just to pull you in thinking you are talking to real prospects. Again i am not in any way saying that i am 100% sure its a scam as you will never know who you are talking to until you meet the person and get paid for your work... just saying that a dollar here ....a dollar there ...

living off hopes of innocent self employed professionals ... is a pretty low thing to do.


I have a bid on up to 30 customers..... I have won at least five out of the 30 customers....

And I have received at least 10 refunds out of the 25 bids. I thought you were supposed to be refunded the bid that you did not win.

That's what I read.

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