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For three weeks my client Nicola is trying unsuccessfully to change a review she wrote by error . Without ensuring that her marriage certificate was ready at city hall .

When she went to pick up her marriage certificate as I instructed it was there they had it all the time .

But via phone they had said that they didnt have it . Thats why she wrote the review.

But than when trying to change . You guys dont allow it please help

User's recommendation: Thumbtack cero star.

Location: Dedham, Massachusetts

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Hey there, we're really glad you reached out about this. We understand project details and customer experiences change, even after the project has started, which is why customers have the opportunity to update their reviews.

We'd encourage you to share this link with your customer:, it has instructions to update reviews. If your customer is still having trouble, please have them reach out to us directly:

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