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Hi, how can I join your class action lawsuit? I have been a top pro for over 5 years, and I have built a reputation for being one of the best exterminators they have in New York city!

Lately they have been the monopolizing the ranking on the website and I'm ranking number seven on a page of 12. I have a significant better rating score than everybody else on my page, yet thumbtack is allowing new Pros to be showing above us, or they will not be hired at all is what Thumbtacks excuses at the moment! They have stolen thousands of dollars for me over the years, and I would really like repercussions!

Please contact me at lhernandezpc@***.com, that's Gmail. Thank you

Location: Queens, New York

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Hi Luis, we take these concerns seriously and would like to look further into your account and ranking when it comes to search results. We understand how hard pros work to maintain a great ranking and get in front of more customers, so our team would be more than happy to take a deeper look into this for you and also provide insights for how to improve your ranking. Please send us a direct message on any social media platform (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) and we'll get back to you quickly with more information and support.

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