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Sometimes times a customer will be looking for a contractor but then chooses not to use you for whatever reason and you still have to pay thumbtack. you can't ever speak to anyone on the phone from thumbtack it's always text messaging or recording I've seen where customers give contractors a bad review for no reason Thumbtack doesn't look into it they just post it and make your company look bad you can't please everybody Thumbtack really doesn't care about your company or your business all they care about is taking your money there's been times when I get the same lead twice or three times daily you have to pay again.

Thumbtack is a joke they don't treat contractors right.

They try very hard to get contractors to reply to opportunities if the customer contacts the contractor your automatically charged without even being hired by the customer. A of people who use thumbtack will learn the hard way like I did thumbtack is no good!!!!

Location: Mansfield, Texas

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