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I am a Pro on Thumbtack, I've had my Business on there for more than 10yrs now or almost 10.. Anyways, I recently referred a friend to advertise his business on Thumbtack as he would get clients and we would both receive credits towards sending Quotes to potential jobs.

I thought this was a great deal-WRONG!! My friend was only to the part of listing "why he loves what he does in his profession" a question to fill out for customers to see by Thumbtack, he had only entered his name, DOB, New Address and Answered that question when all a sudden it said ERROR when trying to continue to next page. He then receives an URGENT Email from Thumbtack stating he needs to do a Mandatory Background Check in order to complete his Online Signup with Thumbtack as a Pro. It says on Thumbtacks website that they do Mandatory Checks because of complaints on someone, suspicious activity and other.

Okay he was on there for literally 5mins, entered hardly any personal info and certainly hadn't placed a bid on a job or anything yet. How could there be a complaint on him, suspicious activity or other from this? It gets better, he calls the Customer Service Center and does an online chat with one of Thumbtacks employees. He asked what the policy was on being approved or not approved based on the Mandatory Back ground Check he had to do in order to list his business on Thumbtack.

The Thumbtack employee kept telling him they were only doing a criminal background check and nothing on his credit. AGAIN he asked what the policy was on the pass or fail Background Check to be on Thumbtack as a pro because it did not say what the terms were anywhere in the website or information forwarded to him by the Thumbtack employee he was live on Chat with. It only said if he meets the criteria of policy then his account will be reinstated and if not then a email will be sent. So the Thumbtack employee who wrote to him in a text said word for word and I quote (If you have been incarcerated then your profile wont be approved.

However, we still review the results from (Checkr) Background Check but most likely if a professional wants to use Thumbtack and he or she served time, we won't consider allowing you on Thumbtack. Excuse me but I have a huge problem with this. He was only signing up, had given little information, was told he HAD TO do a Mandatory Background Check and then when he asked 3times what Thumbtacks policy was on pass or fail because it was unclear if jail at all, Prison, violent, non. violent or misdemeanors were okay or not okay...he gets a response that he has to, we will review no matter what but won't give a chance if there is anything.

Sounds like they are very judgmental, will look at any dirt they can get on someone for their own kicks regardless to deny you on their Website anyway and they do not explain in any detail other than a mention of Registered Sex Offender what their policy is in order to Allow or Deny you use of Thumbtacks services based on Background Check. I think the man was extremely rude to a new Pro just trying to signup with Thumbtack, I think it was upsetting to be made to do a Background Check and then talked to like a criminal or a potential criminal and I think they suck at explaining policy and regulations on what they say yes or no to in allowing a New Pro sign up on their website. He was only on there 10minutes and this is what he gets...he's already disliking Thumbtack before he even go started and guess what, I am too. I've been on there doing business for 10yrs and I have NEVER done or been made to do a background check to list on Thumbtack.

So what is the difference between Him and I ???

I guess he was lucky caller #10 today and won himself a free background check to include a 2week hold on registering or using Thumbtacks site until he gets emailed a yes or no. What CRAP Thumbtack, shame on you!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Customer Care.

Reason of review: Explain policy on what is pass or fail on Background to check to list as a Pro on Thumbtack & if one person is made to do a Check, All should be as well..

Monetary Loss: $110.

Thumbtack Pros: Good idea.

Thumbtack Cons: Non-supportfor the consumer.

Location: 360 9th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

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