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I just read about another small business being overwhelmed with requests during the first two months working with Thumbtack. He's correctamundo in stating that business is great during the first month.

He's also correct in stating that your account is throttled after the second month. Something needs to be done about this and rest assured I will. I have to close my doors now because of this.

I moved into a bigger office and now I have to shut down. This is not right Calls for investigation are in order

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I am attempting to message as many as I can. I hope pissedconsumer allows me to do so.

My message to ALL Service Pros nationwide who have been WRONGED by Thumbtack in some way, shape or form is: Sorry you experienced this. Our intent is to file a class action lawsuit against Thumbtack for valid grievances from service pros nationwide. As of 3-14-2019 I have contacted the two law firms who WON the case for their plaintiff, a Thumbtack service pro like ourselves:Rhom vs. Thumbtack https://www.leagle.com/decision/infdco2017****d33 The immediate major obstacle we are up against are the Terms & Conditions waiver we all agreed to (hey, I admittedly did not read them either) when we clicked on ACCEPT (the T&Cs) when we registered to become Thumbtack Service Pros.

Thumbtacks T&Cs: https://www.thumbtack.com/terms/ Note: The Bad News (maybe) There is a specific section where it explicitly states that no service provider may seek to resolve any dispute or participate in a class action lawsuit against Thumbtack. However I am waiting to hear from the legal experts as to whether there is a way to circumvent or a loop hole in that waiver so we may or may not be able to file one. The Good News! In Thumbtacks same T&Cs they state that you have the legal right to resolve your dispute with them in small claims court...so you see my dear fellow pros Thumbtack is NOT totally immune from Justice.Will you join us?

For more info and updates: transfersbytr@***.com Note: Most companies have such T&Cs which protect them and which they hide behind knowing full well that almost nobody ever reads those lengthy verbose legalize. Most people just want to register and get going,right? However, I do believe that a company can be challenged legally if under the guise of exercising and/or amending their T&Cs, IF they do so in a manner which is criminal, unethical, unscrupulous, harmful or otherwise causes their members (us) undue hardship. Major and most common grievances: Overcharging for leads Charging our credit or debit cards for leads without prior notifications of what the lead charge amounts would be Charging our credit/debit cards without our consent Inconsistency of Lead Charge amounts supposedly based upon: value of job, scope of job and market demand.

Refusal to issue refunds based upon unfair policies & T&Cs such as: stating that "the prospect responded" (no matter what the wording of the response was" and/or the charge is valid because "you were connected to the prospect" and/or the charge is valid because "the prospect may still use your services in the future" Failure to pre-qualify service providers resulting in unacceptable workmanship, incomplete projects, ripping off, no shows etc... Abusing their T&Cs in wrongful, hurtful, unscrupulous, unethical ways against service pros. Thumbtack support staff who complacently and robotically parrot company policy with no regard or understanding of service pros bonafide concerns or complaints. They started by allowing only a max of 5 service pros to quote on a single lead...now it's up to 15!

Terminating pros ability to quote on a lead BEFORE the quoting deadline even ends resulting in only 5-8 or so quotes thus denying other interested pros the right to quote on what could be a valuable job opportunity. Probably the worst grievance: Monetary losses suffered by Service Pros due to ANY of the above and other valid reasons not stated in the above. There are many more instances of valid upsets and complaints. Please feel free to add yours.

Time to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Looking forward to hearing from you Best Wishes, Thomas R

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