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I am a licensed contractor in Texas, here the law requires that plumbers, electricians, hvac contractors have to be licensed. Licensing is achieved by having the applicant show that he or she has had training in the field, and that the applicant have a letter from a licensed person attesting that the individual has had at least three years of actual experience.

The applicant then is schedule for a test, if he or she scores a passing grade then the state requires that liability insurance be in force to protect the consumer in case of of loss.

Thumbtack does not care about any of that, or the fact that the folks to whom they refer these unlicensed, illegal wannabe contractors are exposed to losses, having people in their homes that have not been background checked by the state agency that issues the licenses, the consumer in essence is left without recourse, without protection. I have looked at profiles where Thumbtack actually states that the individuals or companies they referred were licensed and a simple check online with TDLR showed that Thumbtack had lied, or, at best did not practice due diligence in investigating the false claims of many contractors on their contractors list.

I do not know about other states, but here in Texas a license is required. I also know that some people don't care until something does go wrong, and scream like banshees for the regulators to do something, or in real bad cases for the police to do something, many of these people have to know that when they are given a bargain basement price it is for a reason, not licensed, no liability insurance, no workers compensation insurance in case of injury while doing work on YOUR property which then you as the homeowner ends up getting sued for damages. NO completed operations coverage, so while maybe everything seemed fine the day you had the job "completed" and paid for, if that "contractor " failed to do good work, or work that meets code and your house either floods, catches on fire, someone is hurt or killed as a result of shoddy workmanship, you are out of luck.

Most likely that "contractor " is long gone, but if you get real lucky and find him, he still has NO insurance to pay for your damages, so you take him to court, if you are lucky you ll get a judgement, but in most cases, these fly by night outfits and individual have NOTHING you can get or want. You are stuck!

That is the scenario faced by most folks who simply want the cheapest they can get, things and services are cheaper for many reasons, and everyone sort of loves a bargain, but, is it really a bargain or a gamble?

I do not much fault folks for sometimes wanting a lower price, I hate to see good folks get screwed by bad contractors. I personally have a margin I must meet to stay in business, however, as a human being being I know I am going to do better on some jobs than in others, I believe most good contractors out there pretty much the same. We will work with customers who are upfront and honest, we will not put ourselves in a bind to lose money, but in many cases we will shave our margin to very very little to get a happy customer, and the referrals that come from happy clients. I personally do this sometimes, but, I ask that they do not tell the price, as I could not do that on every job and remain in business.

On the other hand there is Thumbtack, I do not think they are bad people, or a bad company, but, I do say that they are not acting in the best interest of the people, their customers, who rely on them to provide qualified contractors, services, etc. if they as a corporation projecting the image of an intermediary who has sifted out the bad contractors, criminals, *** men, from their contractors referral list then they NOT serving their customers.

I would not be surprised to one day read that Thumbtack is being named a defendant in a lawsuit because they referred a serial killer, child molester, rapist, robber, or most likely a "contractor" who did not know what he was doing and cause destruction of property, death or injury to an unsuspecting customer, or his / her family.

Thumbtack is a good concept, maybe one that would actually one day provide consumers with a pre viewed pre screened list of service providers. However, that is NOT who they are today, today they will list and refer ANYONE who pays for their leads.

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I am curious...before you became a contractor, how many side jobs did you do?

How many jobs, since you became a contractor, have you performed without a permit?Remove the plank from your own eye.


I'm trying thumbtack today out of necessity. I definitely understand your point, but the homeowners could very easily google search the companies putting in bids to verify credentials or testimonials in many cases.

Hopefully, all goes well and I have verified the company coming out has insurance/bonding. Everyone should read your review so that they know to due their due diligence and not rely strictly on the Thumbtack service.

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