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I agree 100% that they have gone bad and now that they have this "instant match" system it is even worse! If you don't allow them to shop clients for you and pay extra for quotes, you won't receive them.

We did a test with other trainers and set all our settings the same. EXCEPT we didn't activate the "instant match" And the ONLY ONE that got quotes for the correct parameters was the "ACTIVATED" instant match account.... RIP OFF AND NOT ETHICAL... Sad that this company has lost its integrity.

So our company will use another source. PLEASE STAY AWAY if you don't want to be ripped off!

Review about: Thumbtack Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree. I was doing pretty well before “ instant match” now I rarely get any leads yet pay ask much or more than I used to??? Not happy with the company at all!


Contractors who signed up with Thumbtack did so with the understanding they would be competing against no more than 4 other contractors. Over the years, a contractor on Thumbtack builds up their reputation through their reviews.

Instant Match changes all that.

I believe these changes have broken the original agreement that brought contractors to sign up. There are two options: 1) Create a Thumbtack Contractors Guild to unify contractors and 2) File a class action lawsuit.


100% agree with the comments in this thread - ever since Thumbtack changed their quoting system (i.e. instant match) it removes all the control away from the pro.

I used to be able to customize each quote I was sending so that potential leads received a personal response, not just a canned template.

On top of that, I tried instant match, and was charged 4x what it would have normally cost me to send a lead using the old "credit" model, and it was due to the potential client asking a silly question (not actually being interested in the lead).There was much more control on both the spending and the customer interaction side, which has all gone away now. Considering just leaving as a pro and finding leads elsewhere.


I really liked thumbtack and built my business with it. But now all of a sudden there are no customers to quote for.

I have never seen that. EVER.

I didnt go with Home Advisor because they're dishonest. Sadly now it seems they are going a similar route :(


Really disappointed with this app. They’ve taken every bit of control away from the pro.

When you activate instant match you have no idea how much money will be allocated to each quote. You could set your weekly spending parameters to 30 bucks a week and have it all go to one window shopping customer.

Thumbtack claims they have a system to for pricing each quote. I can say with absolute certainty that they don’t.


Thumbtack is scamming local businesses by this instant match system. They were scamming them before the instant match system.

When a business gets a lead that they received 3 months prior shows how unprofessional and criminal this company really is.

Now they want to cash in on the instant match system before they go bankrupt. I recommend all businesses close their accounts before Thumbtack drains your hard earned dollars.


Thumbtack has always had its problems but now that they have this "Instant Match" they have even bigger problems. At first I was excited and anxious to try it.

That excitement lasted 3 days. I soon found out that they charge you 3x as much as they use to. So a quote that use to cost me $5.00 now costs over $15.00 with "Instant Match". I did received a few matches and one of the matches asked me a stupid question that is clearly stated in my profile.

But since they sent me a stupid question I was charged $15.00. I responded to the question and I never heard from them again. That happened twice in my 3 day adventure with"Instant Match". My next match stood me up and was a no show so another $15.00 lost.

Day 4 and I have returned to the regular Thumbtack but instead of competing against 5 Pro's I'm now competing against 25 or more Pro's!

I think my days at Thumbtack may be over. So much for working so hard for that Top Pro status.

to Unhappy Pro in North Carolina #1460166

Yes, I was really happy to earn that badge as well. It doesn’t mean much though.

I was nieve to think it did I guess. Shame on you Thumbtack.


same thing here. Cleaning company.

Got many leads and jobs before instant match and then it simply stopped. No, first I was only sent 1 time clean requests for 2 weeks. Then when I contacted Thumbtack regarding it the leads simply stopped altogether.

All the good leads go to those companies on instant match although Thumbtack claims they don't. I had to give in and sign up for instant match.


to SADCLEANER #1479416

Yes, I had the same experience with one time only request. Called to point this out and rep said "BE PATIENT" what. Thumbtack is getting way to expensive and fraudulent.What a pity


I hired a guy who installed kitchen cabinet doors and not only wasn't able to install properly he ruined the inside of my cabinets and ran off with a hefty deposit. Found out that the guy goes by two different names and three different bogus company names. Now I have to take him to court.

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