Westlake Village, California
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Notice, they are all Lower Case (names)

this is so staff doesnt have to waste time Capitalizing the First and Last initial

(You used to be able to somewhat tell this way who was fake) ex. jOHN Smith or john smith

.now thumbtack has gotten smarter by reading our reviews

And all of them are CAPITALIZED no matter how they enter it so this saves time

this allows them to scam more people..

The 1st picture

is absolute proof that there are fake leads

(Same exact information, posted in different zip codes)

P.S. who is named Bills.?

(Someone else gave this picture)

4th Picture:

Shows how the price to bid went up (AGAIN!) to 6 or 7 credits

Now that only 1 or 2 people are bidding

They still have to make that $!

2nd Picture:

Strange Names as usual with fake leads

Also names are now all CAPS..

3rd Picture:

Before they changed to ALL Caps

But still, notice Very Fake Names!

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Leads.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Spot on. You are 100% correct about these fraudsters.


TT does not monitor the requests coming in properly. On 9/13/17 I received 5 similar videography requests with the name changed a bit and the city location.

It was blindingly obvious this hoax passed thru the system. I phoned TT to no avail, with a whiny lame excuse of it takes a day or so to find the fraud requests. I asked to speak w/ a manager and the rep said they do not accelerate phone issues to supervisors. He would have the information passed along.

I guess another misguided corporate approach, if I wanted to vent to higher ups it should happen.

I am done with TT, after a couple years and prob $2K+ spent for two jobs.

My info and website is professional so I take little of the blame for lack of work. I feel someone, somewhere is feeding the system with fake requests and TT has no way monitor or seem to care.


They allow competitors to submit fake jobs also.

They want them to, they make more $ !

I have given them proof and they do nothing but look the other way...

They don't care about the honest pros!

Just the Evil Dollar...


It truly sux that Dumbtack is screwing their own customers. I can't use them anymore. I hope they go to jail for fraud.


I haven't experienced exactly the same thing fake leads fake people the worst of the worst pretend to be a client and take your money with no intentions of putting you anyone to work

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