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Yes, here's the proof..

Months later they are still sending fake leads!

Look at photos and decide for yourself..

Original review posted by user Jan 27, 2016

I am out of the Charlotte, NC service area and of course, I am having issues which is why I am viewing this thread to begin with.

I have spent almost $100 in the last 3 weeks and have not got 1 single job!

Looking back over my account for the past four years, I have only been hired by 5 clients- two of which cancelled last minute, but never rescheduled although, they did state when canceling by email "This is a service that I am VERY Interested in!" (suspect in itself ), and one who wasn't even at the residence when I arrived and didn't answer when I called or texted. I have spent far more money than I have made and I feel as though it has been a waste of time! And Money!

.... I have children to support and cant afford to flush money down the 'you-know'..

I have been to many homes to give an estimate and the square footage would be around 5,000sqft. when the highest option Thumbtack gives the customer to choose from is 3,000. I have lost many jobs this way and have contacted Thumbtack several times and they have not changed their form. Many other questions are misleading and have yet to be corrected as well!

If The professional was at all important to Thumbtack this would not be the case and I'm starting to think they are all about making money, and are most likely generating false leads in order to get more money!

Many times the same person will request service for the same thing ex. House Cleaning (One Time)

House Cleaning (Recurring)

House Cleaning (Move in/Move Out)

Many of which a different # of Bedrooms, Bathrooms or Sqft have been selected as if the person forgot what they had previously selected.. if you actually live there you know exactly how many Bedrooms etc. you have!

Also, when you bid on one of those you are now up against 10-15 other companies, not the 3-5 they tell you before you reply. When you bid on two of them, without realizing, your paying double to bid on the same job!

When I Googled the people from past quotes, They Dont Exist!

I think we've been had!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of thumbtack leads. Thumbtack needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Thumbtack allows companies to submit requests and write reviews on their profile the same day

They do NOTHING when you report it, but look the other way (they get paid by every pro that bid's on said fake job)


I have created fake accounts in order to see the customers perspective, intending on only viewing them after the credits were refunded, they said the Customer Viewed Quote

Hello...I AM The "Customer"




Orinda, California, United States #1214685

Read my review...

My niece gathered email addresses and other personal information for Thumbtack as part of a fundraiser to pay for cheerleading camp.

Everyone in the family began to receive estimates from different businesses wanting to do jobs at our far I have seen quotes from painting, cleaning, carpet cleaning, landscaping, event planning and floor installation services...

We never signed up for any of this!

We weren't allowed to respond to the business owners to let them know about the situation, but were however able to select cancel on a few, but not all.

Hope this answers your question about how the requests are being generated...Our information continues to be used to this day and we have opted out multiple times

to Michael_G_is_MAD Midland, North Carolina, United States #1214754

I uploaded some that I received today.

Very fake names or same names back to back

some with a different # of bedrooms selected (as if the person had forgotten what they selected prior)

Total B/S..

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