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In the last 11 months I have got 8 customers that were not scammers wanting me to wire money after they sent me a fake money order for an overpayment of the actual price given.

The problem is 3 customers paid less than the price quoted and 4 clients never paid!

(There was no mention that they were not satisfied and we have all five star reviews)

So us not performing the job correctly wasnt the issue, the customers never intended to pay..

After contacting Thumbtack about the first customer not paying they took the customers side. I will not waste another second with a company that doesnt stand by me when the clients they refer screw me out of money!

They said "We dont get involved with financial stuff"

They Do Not stand by you and

Are Only About Making Money For Themselves!

Thumbtack.com is a waste of time and $

About 90% of the leads are fake

with common names like John Smith, Heather Tomas, Heather Glen

Yes, they use the same names back to back as well and just change the last name.

After viewing your quote some of them cancel stating

"changed my mind"

"Waiting for a better time"

"Had a friend do it" or

"hired someone outside of Thumbtack"

We dont get that money back!

Seems shady, how is it ever a bad time to have your house cleaned?

If they are truly interested or real or are actual paying customers i am happy to pay

Thumbtack needs to stop telling people this is free!

It's Not!

The Pros pay to send you a bid

Please think about this before trying to

"See if your current cleaning service is giving you a fair price"


"My neighbor wants to clean my house,

is she asking for too much money?"

The professionals have bills to pay and most likely children to feed

Also, dont be rude, thank them for taking the time (and spending the money) to respond to your request

If your saying you will get back to them with a time, Get back to them!

We may be holding that date open for you..


We cant fill your spot when you cancel with 3 hours notice (or 24)


We cant replace the gas we used driving all the way to your home when you arent there, because you changed your mind and didnt let us know beforehand

Be Courteous!

Thanks for your time!

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Leads.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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You are absolutely correct,

the leads are fake!

Our niece had to get personal information and email addresses for a fundraiser for cheerleading...

(I actually came to write a review about it)

We had companies give us their rates for services that we never inquired about. When I attempted to message the business to let them know we didn't need their services it was as if that feature was blocked and we had no other choice but to select cancel request (not interested) Maybe this is what you were experiencing People cancelled because they really weren't interested... They never put in a request for services to begin with!

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