Are you kidding me?

I receive offers for job quotes. I have to pay a service fee to send a quote.

Spent about 200 dollars on this service fee. Probably sent out over 40 to 50 job quotes. Half of those check the quotes and dont even say anything. The other half talk as if they will do the job and then go MIA.

I thought my pricing was low. So the last few? I sent out quotes where my labor fee for the service is ONLY 20 dollars.


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I agree with you. I am greatly disappointed with the quality of the client and consider Thumbtack's screening process broken.

I intend to pull my account.


I feel the same way and get discouraged sometimes, but I get a few jobs every now & then.. I'd say out of every 25 that I bid on I will get 2, maybe 3 depending on the week.

When Thumbtack guarantees that you will get 1 out of every 5 jobs that you bid. I have felt that it's possible that Thumbtack generates leads or creates them themselves, but you have to keep in mind that they have ads all over the internet that say for instance:

"Wonder how much you could have someone clean your house for? Get 5 quotes now from different companies!" etc.

They will click onto the site when these people have already been looking at hiring a 'big name company' & are only interested in finding out if the quote they were given was or is the going rate.

Not only that, some are just curious to find out how much a service will cost them- when they have no intention of ever hiring someone!

I don't think we should pay for those leads, but if they view your quote, you pay!

I have also seen multiple requests that are very similar in detail, just hours apart, which leads me to think that these are fakes- created by contractors fishing for information to see why they aren't getting these jobs and how much their competitors are charging for the same job they bid on earlier..

Why aren't you getting jobs..? there are lots of illegals that use this site and they are doing it for basically nothing! One of my clients told me that he hired a girl before me from Guatemala that only charged $30, it was a 2500sqft. home!

Ridiculous! I don't have multiple roommates that help me pay my bills. I am a single mother of 5, but because of immigrants I now have to take this job and do it for only $50! Our country is screwed up!

The economy is not getting better, how can it under these circumstances? 90,000 Guatemalans illegally entered our country just this year, and this was the statistics 2 months ago.. what does our president want to do..? Create detention centers to school them and take another 3.7 Billion Dollars from us tax payers who can't already afford food,and fuel to get back and forth to work!!!!!!?



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