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Update by user Jun 30, 2015

UPDATE- Thumbtack contacted me directly in an effort to resolve my frustration.They offered me credits to try more bids and asked for recommendations on how to make the service better.

I can appreciate the effort.I will give it one last try on their dime and see how it goes.

Update by user Jun 26, 2015

I apologize for the typos. I was irritated and typed fast. Please do not let that reflect on my professionalism.

Update by user Jun 26, 2015

I added a screen shot from today.$53 dollars for a a studio.

That is what Thumbtack is advertising is a current project rate. I really have no words. Whomever is able to provide even a poor quality "studio" image for $53 probably won't be in business very long.

By posting this rate on the front page, they are literally setting the bar for what the customer (who knows nothing about photography, expenses or experience) should expect.I am officially done with Thumbtack forever after seeing this today.

Original review posted by user Jun 25, 2015

I am a photographer in the Phoenix area. I have been TRYING to use thumbtack for almost two years now. I have done everything I could possibly do to make myself appealing to potential clients. I have solid, quality work (extensive examples) posted on my profile. I answered nearly every profile question to position myself as an expert in my field. Have a background check, I respond to bids. I have 5 start reviews, I have a Gold status profile. I periodically do a week or two at buying credits and bidding thinking it's perhaps timing...they are ultimately wasted every single time. Two years ago I was actually winning a bid now and then. I was getting my rate or slightly lower. I was engaging with the potential customers and I was able to start a dialog to sell my business. They changed the customer interface sometime ago and since then I have been unable to even get close to winning a bid. I lower my rates for Thumbtack leads and tried that approach for a solid 6 months, nothing helped. More wasted time and money.

There are dozens of other photographers with very amateur, poor quality portfolios underbidding me at rates that can not possible keep their doors open. Wedding photography for 8 hours for $500?? Thumbtack wants to charge me close to $5 to bid on this too simply because the person used the word "wedding" in their request. Insult is putting it mildly.

There is ZERO filter of the leads. Thumbtack has no way of making a tier quality level of their vendors based on experience, work, reviews... I find better leads on craigslist in all honesty. If you a reputable company, carry liability insurance, produce quality work and have been in business longer than a year....forget Thumbtack. I feel that after more than 2 years, I can assess that they are a waste of time and money. Bids are a waste, texts come in non-stop with these empty bids. Anything that may be a quality bid with a normal budget is gone to the first 5 bidders in 30 seconds. No opportunity for further bidders. In the digital arts field, it takes so much more than throwing a number at something like a frisbee.

I understand budget and some people like working for next to nothing. Here is Thumbtacks Tag line "We help you hire EXPERIENCED professionals at a price thats right for you." They need to change it to "We hope you get the work you paid for since we really have no idea how experienced these vendors are because they are so cheap and we just want their bid money."

I am not one for negative reviews but I have spoken on photography forums, blogs, and groups touting Thumbtack for sometime. I have since told my peers to stay away and use their time and money on something more affective.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Edwardsville, Illinois, United States #1230706

I actually disagree...I think that it's about knowing how to write your first message and how to quote.

I think it's about understanding your audience, as the customers that come to thumbtack... I'm a writer/editor/speaker/designer.

And my thing is structure. My expertise is structure, know what to say and how to say it.

You have to realize you are making a sale's pitch to a customer everytime you send a quote. I joined at the end of August, on a Monday. And I got my first job on a Wednesday. I'm sorry you've had so much trouble.

I'd like to help you.

Maybe I can help you market yourself better on Thumbtack.If you're interested in talking, my freelance business is SunSoul Designs, contact me at:


Caramia Rae

Central Islip, New York, United States #1003910

Thumbtack did this for me as well.It's a ploy to keep you spending money.

Don't fall for it!The only one who is likely make any money if you you're dealing with Thumbtack is Thumbtack.

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