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thumbtack is a scam man, ill bet any amount of money they pay people to put up posts needing work done to get the quotes in, quotes that you have to pay for unless the person comes directly to you supposedly. a video editing gig is roughly ten bucks a quote.

a simple logo design is 3 bucks. think of it this way, the site looks amazingly professional and most people are more trusting towards websites that look professional. so if i post that i need a video editing gig done and thumbtack knows most gigs will be at least 150 or higher, the person is more likely to pay that 10 dollar quote. say 10 people quote that one gig, thumbtack just made 100 bucks off of everyone.

then theres what happened to me that made me realize it was a scam. a person posted vor a video gig and after i quoted him, he responds back, "oh sorry, i was looking for someone in my area and filled out the form wrong." his mistake just cost me and everyone else money. why is it that the people quoting for a job theyre not gauranteed to get are paying and its not the person looking for the work paying? how do we know theyre not paying people or actually posting gigs themselves and then doing the same thing to everyone?

after about two weeks of being registered and not using it they gave me twelve credits i think and after two quotes i found a gig. then after i got paid i pumped in 40 dollars for credits and couldnt find a job again..

then they send you an offer saying that if you recommend a friend to sign up theyll give you like 12 bucks in credits or some ***. yea they gave you 12 bucks to bring in more competition for yourself and everyone else while they just collect more money from unsuspecting idjuts

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Same issue, with me !!!!!

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