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I was a Top Pro with 28 confirmed hires and 24 Five-Star Reviews *****

TT went from being pretty expensive and hard to deal with to being absolutely ridiculous!

Thumbtack is a predatory lead system. Preying on start-ups and the smallest businesses.

"Direct leads are sent to only a few other pros".

Yeah right, 4 others are a few?

5 in all, at a cost of over $90 (Sometimes mine have been up to $128) with NO guarantee that ANYONE will even be hired!

So they now provide a phone number to us to contact the clients, but those clients don't have to respond to a text message, a phone call, and there's certainly no email.

Let's do some quick math and a simple explanation here...

5 Pros pay $90 each for a wedding photography lead.

That's $450 for Thumbtack and not a single one of us make a dime because we were not hired!

Thumbtack + $450 local photographers $0.

I live in Chicagoland. There are 63,422 active lawyers in Illinois. A state that ranks 6th in the Nation with 49.8 per 10,000 people. None of them see we are getting ripped off?'s the worst part...


Let that sink in...

And now I have to shoot 25 weddings a quarter to remain a 'Top Pro'?

Yeah, okay that's doable, right? NO, it's not!

There are only 52 weekends a year!

Perhaps we need to start a go-fund-me to lawyer up. If each company Thumbtack has ripped off put $10 in we would easily have a 7 digit budget to work with.

Thumbtack is the lead equivalent of a payday loan company that doesn't actually give you the loan.

User's recommendation: Stay AWAY!! There are a ton of other options! Predatory lead system!

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Leads.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Thumbtack Pros: Had the highest roi until the price increases.

Thumbtack Cons: Dishonest policies, No contact re cancellation no show, Refund process, Scammers posing as pro.

Location: South Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL 60605

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Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and feedback, Daniel. We're sorry to hear you feel this way, and that the platform hasn't always been a fit for your business.

We're always working on improving, we'll be sure to share the product and pricing feedback with the right teams.

If there's ever anything we can do to turn your experience around, feel free to reach out to us directly on social media for a quick response. We want to wish you well as you move forward.

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