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Jacobs Missionaries Inc. 501c3 was in need of a grant writer.

I contacted Thumbtack, they referred Dr. Don Peavy, which I thought because he came from the Thumbtack and stated he did do grants. I gave my credit card and paid $1500 to write grants $500.000 to 1.000.000 which Peavy never did! I contacted my bank to stop payment.

But was denied because Peavy, told he wrote a grant in the amount he quoted. The bank held the money til March 12, 2022. I contacted Thumbtack to tell of his fraudulent taking my money. There was only verbal no contract sign.

Emile, a suppose team. Contacted Peavy, and told her he wrote a grant, Emile ask for proof. Peavy told Emile, he did a lemonade grant in the amount of $500.000 and directed Emile, to tell me to go to Smart Simple which would cost $195. Today Peavy stated he lied to thumbtack and Emile, and myself.

Now Emile states I dont have a guarantee to get my money back although no contract was signed. Ive contacted the Attorney General of the state of Texas, Fort Worth Police Department, Federal Trade Commission, and the Better Business Bureau.

This will not go away until I get $1500 back. Emile, stated she would continue until I get my money.

User's recommendation: Don’t trust Thumbtack.

Location: Miami, Florida

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Thank you for notifying us of your concerns. We're sorry to hear about your experience, it sounds like a very frustrating situation.

Based on the details you shared, we were able to locate your open case with our Trust and Safety Team. We can see that you're working with our specialist, Emily, regarding the service provider and our Guarantee.

Please refer to Emily's last email from April 1st to share additional questions and concerns about a resolution. Our Trust and Safety Team is still communicating and working toward a resolution with the service provider and will share updates as we receive them, via email or phone.

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