I am a consumer that tried to use Thumbtack to hire services twice.Both experinces were horrible. The first one an "Electrician" that charged me $1800 and took a month to finish, his work failed 2 weeks later and turned out to be a fire hazard that I had to pay somebody else to re -do.

The last one, I hired somebody to power wash my driveway. I realized half through the job, that he was no proffessional contractor but just some guy without a job, that had no clue what he was doing. I paid him at the end of the first day the $400 he quoted me. He promised to come back the next day to finish. After finishing a very poorly done job. He told me I had to give him $300 more because his wife has thrown him out of the house so he needed more money. As a woman alone in a house I feard for my safety. I stood my ground and he left.

Thumbtack do not require proffesional Lincense nor a a full background check from the "contractors" .

As a consumer I WILL NEVER EVER USE THUMBTACK AGAIN. And I will tell all my Facebook friends.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Leads.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: I want others to know so it does not happen to them..

Thumbtack Pros: Dangerous.

Thumbtack Cons: No vetting of contractors, Safety concerns.

Location: Miami Beach, Florida

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Sorry that you had such a bad experience! I believe it's stories like yours that have jaded thumbtack for the REAL businesses which choose to sign on with them.

I have invested a lot of money receiving " leads " from them and have yet to be hired which is why I was checking the complaints section. Wow is all I can say!


I am sorry this guy was a clown scammer but a lot of good guys out teir contracting also that would Never do any thing that was no legit! i am sorry you got screwed out of 400 dollars but you should never pay any one more thana 100 buck for a day and if he needs more make shore he does what he say's if not BYE BYE to him/her and then you give the guy a reasonable amount on friday if he is any kind of contractor he will right up a proposal even if it is on scrap paper to be clear of what he will do for how much ans when if the job requires more than a week you give him draws proportionately weekly so he can make his world work and then what ever is left at the end if any thats when you pay the remainder of the contract off again sorry you got burned but i will be moving to florida this next year and i will use thumtactk it is a great way to land jobs KeithRajotte All pro painting and remodeling

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