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Hi, I advertised my licensed services on for over 3 years. Unexpectedly, they removed my profile and wouldn't explain why.

I paid a legal representative to send demand letters to multiple parties with the company (electronically) to get answers, but they never replied. I paid her another $400 to start litigation, but I hardly ever heard back from her. Over the course of the next 6 months, she came up with excuse after excuse for why the lawsuit was being delayed. She said she had computer/email problems too.

She kept insisting she'd show me paperwork days later, but she never did. I finally disputed it with Paypal 6 months later, and I won my money back. I am now looking to hire someone else to help me sue this company for removing my profile despite not breaking any laws or clear website rules. I have a clean background check, am currently state licensed/insured, and I have a clean record with the Tennessee Department of Health (as confirmed by my public practitioner profile).

I did not have any odd experiences or communications with any recent Thumbtack clients. As far as I know, none called/complained about me. The only thing Thumbtack said was that I violated "community standards." That means something outside of their website and in the public. My last lawyer's best guess was since I advertised on many websites that got shut down for massage therapy (craigslist/BP), then maybe they found out and didn't want to be associated with me.

I don't think this is just cause to remove my entire profile. Regardless of win or lose, I would ideally like to settle out of court for just about any amount. They likely would want to avoid the bad publicity of a lawsuit anyway. You don't have to be a full-on lawyer, but someone who can help get this to the point that they would want to settle out of court.

I only pay in advance via Paypal. Although I can answer some phone calls, I prefer someone who is good about emailing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Profile.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sorry you experienced this. Our Intent: to file a class action lawsuit vs.

Thumbtack for all valid grievances such as: Overpriced lead charges, charging credit/debit cards without service pros consent or prior knowledge of what the lead charge would be, no refund issues stating "the prospect responded" (irregardless of the content of the response) and/or "you made a connection" or "they may use your services in the future, or not pre-qualifying service providers resulting in unacceptable workmanship, no shows, rip-offs etc...TT began with a max of 5 pros allowed to it's up to 15! Would you like to join us? for more info and updates.

Note: As Per Thumbtack T&C's there is a waiver against a pro participating in a class action lawsuit, but two legal firms have successfully circumvented that plus: As per TT's same T&Cs you may legally opt to take them to small claims court. Best Wishes, Thomas R.

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