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Hi, I advertised my licensed services on for over 3 years. Unexpectedly, they removed my profile and wouldn't explain why.

I paid a legal representative to send demand letters to multiple parties with the company (electronically) to get answers, but they never replied. I paid her another $400 to start litigation, but I hardly ever heard back from her. Over the course of the next 6 months, she came up with excuse after excuse for why the lawsuit was being delayed. She said she had computer/email problems too.

She kept insisting she'd show me paperwork days later, but she never did. I finally disputed it with Paypal 6 months later, and I won my money back. I am now looking to hire someone else to help me sue this company for removing my profile despite not breaking any laws or clear website rules. I have a clean background check, am currently state licensed/insured, and I have a clean record with the Tennessee Department of Health (as confirmed by my public practitioner profile).

I did not have any odd experiences or communications with any recent Thumbtack clients. As far as I know, none called/complained about me. The only thing Thumbtack said was that I violated "community standards." That means something outside of their website and in the public. My last lawyer's best guess was since I advertised on many websites that got shut down for massage therapy (craigslist/BP), then maybe they found out and didn't want to be associated with me.

I don't think this is just cause to remove my entire profile. Regardless of win or lose, I would ideally like to settle out of court for just about any amount. They likely would want to avoid the bad publicity of a lawsuit anyway. You don't have to be a full-on lawyer, but someone who can help get this to the point that they would want to settle out of court.

I only pay in advance via Paypal. Although I can answer some phone calls, I prefer someone who is good about emailing.

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