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Thumbtack has cost my business thousands of dollars!! I cannot express how many false leads we have wasted our time following up on due to the unreliability and illigetimacy of the leads.

I have theorized that most of the customers listed are generated by a computer, to acquire more funding from TT users, because customers do not answer quotes or they answer back only typing Hello or similar, and boom charged! It is frustrating to get charges for customers idle conversation, or simply exploring options. I was charged 269 to gain acces back into my account, only for one day later to have no potential customer responses, a heafty bill of 120 due before I can continue quoting and not a single concrete lead, appointment or client was created from the increasing charges I am being demanded to pay to continue usage. Thumbtack will get NO MORE of my business' hard earned money, they help absolutely NONE for your business.

Take a professionals advice, you may get leads at first, (AS WE USED TO, IT MADE US TT USERS/PROS) then over time you end up dishing boatloads of money to a platform that aparently has lost its luster and credibility. They bill incessantly for quotes that lead nowhere and are in bad need of a revamped system, that brings together real clients needing professional services with reputable service providers.Thanks for robbing me Thumbtack!!! I SUPPORT CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST...Class Action Suit Vs.


Signed V.A.

Even when speaking to reps they never respond!! Take a look below!!!

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