I have been using Thumbtack for six months now and have sent over 80 quotes to potential students. I have secured exactly TWO in that time.

One only comes twice a month. This is the worst possible site to find students and I complete waste of money.

Bored internet users submit for quotes and none of them are really interested in services. They are just curious.

Meanwhile, it's us independent music teachers that have to pay for the quotes they request and never follow up on.

They only people making any money is Thumbtack. Sure they give refunds but even the people that view quotes are not serious.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Website.

Location: San Francisco, California

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What a *** site they charge redicoulus amounts to just send a quote with a 20 percent chance of getting the job they will not be in business long worst site ever


A big time SCAM !

1st experience, they negotiated back and forth make it look like real, then we finally came down with a price both agreed. They cancelled it the day before the gig.

2nd experience, I'm told it's not affordable to pay much for the gig and they want a free gig, I agreed and asked them when and where, then they told me the gig is cancelled.


Thumbtack is a big time scam. Never will use it for my business.

If you don't waste your time and money don't pay anything. Find a good domain name that and set up the profile in comes on google anyway. If the client is smart enough they will figure it out about your website. You don't need to losers.

You pay money for every messages but u don't get any information no contact, no email address.Their costumers are cheap and just curious how much is going to cost them. But every time you will lose your money. Try google advertising, if you are a small business just spend $50.00 per month definitely you will get more costumer or make your own flyers and go to business that you can sell your products.

Don't waste your time for thumbtack. It is a big time scam.


It really depends on how you market yourself and what services you offer. First impression lasts so you basically have to sell yourself on that very first reply.

I max out my 1200 characters to make sure each and every client who I reply gets a thoroughly quote for my services and guess what, I started in May 2014, and I have over 16 positive reviews and 26 hires and 1 cancel.

First two weeks, nothing, I said the same thing 80 quotes and nothing, then I realized, you only have one shot to get the customer. The rest is history and I still have 10 more gigs enough to last me to end of October.


Lower your quotes!

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