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Sorry I had to type this review again due to some terrible typos in the previous. If you all want to see a my honest review of thumbtack, search on on YouTube for "thumbtack review life masterz" or see the link provided.

Everybody has a side to their story but my video shows the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE sides to thumbtack including behind the scenes stuff like all my profile details Watch the video and decide for yourself It involves my experience using thumbtack for providing technical services mainly but most points should apply to other pros.

The main points i addressed in there was for people who have trouble getting hired and how to deal with allegedly fake requests/leads. See how I not only got hired 11 times in just a month but see what thumbtack did when I filed a complaint for a suspicious or bad lead...

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Batson, Texas, United States #1270897

It depends on your competition...as well as the cost per bid.

In my field i was dominant, the most reviews, best profile, and competitive prices.

New undercutters have popped up everywhere..usually the clients I get are more concerned with quality and experience over bottom dollar. But it seems MOST only care about the cheapest price so they pick the undercutters.

The result..i spend a lot of money in credits..

There is a lot broken with the system.

For one, make the real pro's stand out more than the newbies that use price as the only factor. And filter out non serious clients.

My trust in thumbtack has declined a lot..its expensive...and can be sketchy

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