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I kept getting cold calls and answered. It was Thumbtack sales trying to sell me a service and I told them I am not interested as I don't subscribe to paying to use online platforms seeing as I have tons of reviews and use multiple platforms therefore I don't need to chase work.

They told me I wouldn't be charged, sent a disclaimer to sign via email that I signed and I was charged 300 dollars. I was told they were giving 100 dollars to the top performers to use on the site to bid or use towards job leads. I called back and they said they'd deactivate my account and that would stop the charge. Apparently that didn't work.

Now I am trying to talk to sales and they aren't helpful. They are trying to avoid refunding me.

Really frustrating and aside from the sales department the company isn't o bad. I won't use their services after this ordeal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sorry you experienced this. Our Intent: to file a class action lawsuit vs.

Thumbtack for all valid grievances such as: Overpriced lead charges, charging credit/debit cards without service pros consent or prior knowledge of what the lead charge would be, no refund issues stating "the prospect responded" (irregardless of the content of the response) and/or "you made a connection" or "they may use your services in the future" and not pre-qualifying service providers resulting in unacceptable workmanship, no shows, rip-offs etc...TT began with a max of 5 pros allowed to quote...now it's up to 15! Those and many more upsets and complaints! Would you like to join us? transfersbytr@aol.com for more info and updates.

Note: As Per Thumbtack T&C's which you agreed to (probably without reading like I failed to do and almost all os us did) by clicking the AGRRED button when you registered, there is a waiver against a pro participating in a class action lawsuit, but fret not because two legal firms have successfully circumvented that waiver...plus as per Thumbtack's same T&Cs you may legally opt to take them to small claims court. Best Wishes, Thomas R.

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