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This review is from a pro, not a customer. For customers Thumbtack is a super casual click-click type of service.

For Pros? Well, that is a different story. Thumbtack does not tell customers that pros are charged for every single click they make. Yes!

Every time customer express interest pros get charged immediately. Depending on the job fees vary but for me as a drywall repair contractor they are form $50 to $150 and that varies. Thumbtack has their magical knowledge about what is cost one week and same job with another price in another week. These are called swindler tactics.

They claim to limit on how many pros receive a particular lead just so you would bite the bullet. BS! They recycle same lead at least three times and I have seen it even more times. So, just for the sake of an example A lead costs $55, they send it to four contractors ($220), then in a day or two they send email to the customer who expressed the interest initially saying hey, here are some more pros which might work for your project.

Customer does click-click-click and thats another $220 (at least). Then in two days after that they show same lead to yet another much larger set of pros as the opportunity, with supposed discount. At that point customer either forgot that they searched for a service or they have someone to work on their project already and yet Thumbtack is still collecting. So that is conservative AT LEAST $200 more.

I have been on Thumbtack on and off for several years and supposedly they make all of these huge changes because pros complain. LOL Any time, until they take $650-700 out of my account I don't get to have a proper chance, to get in touch with actual customer who looks for repair. That is still not guaranteed that I will actually get a job. Thumbtack is a swindling service!

I guarantee this statement. A tech company that skims the cream. They use the digital age and their technology to manipulate customers and pros into the algorithmic dance that only they do profit from. It is unfortunate but pros are the only ones loosing here.

Loosing their hard earned money! To fight such companies is a difficult thing but there are smart people, there are people who Thumbtack has hurt multiple times over and of course legal council which is more then welcome to provide services. Although difficult (and they know that) It is not impossible. That is the card they play on.

It does take some time but patience is a virtue. It is super sad that such crooks are not regulated buy some sort of a governmental overseeing service. But as for any other so called big-tech company there is a reason why they operate on artificial intelligence.

One more important thing to note here is that I can back up every single statement I made but unfortunately can not disclose right now on how I obtained my evidence. Soon.

User's recommendation: Pros be aware!

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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