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I hired them to do my roof with the metal I had already purchased to fit from best buy in Franklin Tenn.. They show up ask for $3000.00 up front We haggle & I give them $1500 now & the rest when the job is completed.

They say it will be done on the 16th of the month & on the 14th they say they are done in the meantime I decided to let them also side my house with the same 60 years warranty of this siding/roofing material so they say they need $6000 for the siding labor only, we haggle again & agree on $5000.00 They get $2500 to start but never did quite finish the roof either.. Then the very next day they disappear & are gone for 32 days, I call them & get excuses of they had a emergency re-roof to do, they blew the engine in one of the trucks, the rear axel fell out of their Dodge, Mark # 2's wife had a baby, (mark # 2 wasn't even married & is *** anyway) They said they'd be back on a Tuesday, they never showed up I had already rated them when they did the roofing job, even before it was done.. They do not knw what square is at all, they placed the metal roof which ever way they felt like & NAILED it down with a nail gun that used 24 nails everytime they pulled the trigger, sounded like a machine gun war on the top & sides of my house. They didn't like using screws that were provded at al, s they dropped a lot of them & then complained they were out of them agaon, U+I gave them a felible m,agnet t g around the hse to find them all, Mark #1 four=[und 3, I went around the huse & found at least 157 of them..

Threy hid all the wires UNDER the siding, then where the motion lightys were mounted on the corners of the mudroom roof they neatly buried it unc=der the metal, they even covered up the outside 110 volt outlets after taking the doors off, & when I went to turn on the front door greeting lights , nothing happene becauae they didn't even bther to bring the wores out to the metal siding at all, they were buried in the6" of insulation I was using as I was siding the house because I had wanted it refre=amed for adding 6" of insulation over the priginal hose siding for an extra layer of warmth in ths=ese cold NY mornings lately.. Mark Rice, Mark Eveland, & Brian Dodge are NT what you'd call good workers at all, Brian was snooping in my garage & came in the house & asked if I wasnted to sell my Boom ba=ox 18" bass speakers in the big box he saw in the garage, I tld him that for a mere $1500 he could have them, When they left for the final time he STOLE them out of the garage & someday when he is least expecting it, his truck will be used at a weenie roast or for making Smores & my 30/30 will welcome him in to the house to wait for the State Trooper that will take him to prison.. When they decided they wanted more money , they asked Brian to ask me & I gave him $1000 more & got a receipt, that left them only getting $1500 when they finished & now after almost 2 years I finally have the rear of my house finished & it costs me $1000 more, so I saved $500 but, got a *** job done by Southerntier Contracting Mark Rice & Rebecca Hewlett are the owners, & they live at 7048 Burdette Rd. Hornell, NY 14843..

way back in the woods where no one can find them BUT thanks to BING , I know exactly where they live & it is really nice that they have all them trees standing so close to their trailer trash POS home because when it gets really hot & dry there & he woods starts on fire, they are going to need a good roofer & siding mechanic when their POS house burns down to the ground as an act of GOD.. Talking to Mary Or Jon at Thumbtack did no good at all, they said that they'd have them come back & finish the job & I told them that I never wanted them to come here ever again so they could *** up the house more than they have already?? So then Mary said that Thumbtack could reimburse me the First $2500 & would that be okay, I said sure & I am still waiting for the check to arrive from that *** Mary @ thumbtack .. I knew it would never come, just by their attitude when they were talking & lying everytime they said anything at ll..

I know they do not ever work in Hornell anymore, smaller town, everyone there knows they suck at what they do do, probably a bunch of people there are hunting them down, gee IT is deer season in a few weeks, maybe I'll get my great big BUCK this year.. heh heh heh . IF you ever run across Mark Rice Or Mark Eveland, just kick them in the face with a size 21 shoe & tell them that was from "Mean Gene" too them.. Come look at my house if you want creditability because I will not be doing anything more but, *** over these dweebs every chance I get..

Hear that Mark?

YOU are an *** Mark.. & Rebecca is giving a 50% discount to the black guys that want to get into her loose *** again..

Product or Service Mentioned: Southerntier Contracting Roofing.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Oct 27, 2016.
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