Over two years ago in a city in which i no longer live, i used Thumbtack to find someone to mount a flat screen tv and to hook that tv and two others to the existing comcast triple play in the house. The "service" provider mounted the tv, hooked it up and left.

The bill was nearly twice the estimate and the job was not complete.

I still get annoying emails from that service provider because the instructions on deleting accounts from thumbtack are incomplete. It infuriates me to no end, what a worthless app and lack of the professed screening.

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listen kk, you are an idiot. Thumbtack is a pile of garbage website that solicites your personal information and it is impossible to delete the account as of 2018


i had a thumbtack account and i do not get regular emails from them and i was able to easily delete my account no issues.

and the fact that you paid twice the estimate if your fault not thumbtacks.

these complaints on here are worthless.

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