14 offers, 1 responded, 5 cancelled. I get it that the client may have selected other pros.

No problem. But I find it hard to believe that none of them even responded to my offer. I find it hard to believe that 5 of 14 have been cancelled, some on the same day. I find it hard to believe that customers looking for products photography will not even describe their products.

And that someone looking for "head-shots" will put it under "landscape photography" and when I ask about it then they just cancel the request.

I (we) pay for a background check.

Then why can't we get the clients' direct contact information? I want to call or email them, to verify that they are REAL people.

Monetary Loss: $38.

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It's a scam; when I first signed up, I almost couldn't keep up with the amount of emails I got for quotes. I started picking and choosing the best ones instead of replying to all of them and all of a sudden, the amount of emails were halved.

Then there was an issue with a email going to my spam folder and everything came to a screeching halt, but not before they got my money for credits I am unable to use. I've contacted them four times for the same problem and they just keep putting me off.

I've been advertising on Craigslist and they have been my best source. Thumbtack just robs people.


I agree completely. I think the site is bogus.

I am a makeup artist and dealing with the same as you. I expect some people Tha are rude not to respond but not as many as I have experienced.


Can you please let me know are you still using it and if not what's the app you use for getting hired as makeup artist bc I am a makeup artist and I just signed up to thumbtack

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