I called Thumbtack yesterday to explain to them that there is no way I can submit an accurate bid for a video based on vague information such as this:

Emma C.

Videographer Needed

Submit quote

Emma C. is looking to hire a videographer. Here are the details of Emma's commercial, movie, or music videography needs. You can quote until 10:31am on September 12.

Profile Customer Location


Video project type

Music video

Video project vision


Approximate final video runtime

5 minutes

Video showing location


Additional video project services requested



I'm flexible


Orlando, FL 32808

Professional must travel to my address.


And you're right, the concept of this type of website is viable. Just not in this manner. Therefore, I am embarking on building a website under a very similar model within the state of Florida, only I will include the information that we all as bidders have asked for in order to complete a valid estimate.

Vendors must be able to speak with the client, there are far to many variables to consider.

I welcome input from all Thumbtack users on what you wish to see as the ideal system that puts all of you on an even playing field. I too am sick of scams.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Website.

Reason of review: Not Viable.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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doubt it


Hello...did you, in fact, get a website set up for FL photographers? I'd be very interested, if so...


An disheartened, ex-Thumbtack user! JK


let me know when you do :)

.. THERE NOT getting it ..e need MORE PRECISE INFORMATION before bidding..

The Picture producer .. colette lau


Very interesting that you write this. I have been thinking the same for years.

Thumb Tack is viable but misses the boat in some negative ways. I am interested in speaking with you as an I.T. and web person.

Please contact me at anytime. techsolutionfl@***.com 407361****

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