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Basically I got an exact match which is auto pay it was just fine I have no problem with that I contacted the guy right away which don't tag you know they recommend to do I set up a time to go give the estimate I arrived to give them the estimate he walked me around the building showed me everything he needed to be done asked my recommendations on what should be done I told him he agreed anytime we got into a new inspection he's like what should we do here I told him he agreed when it was all said and done I quoted him a price he agreed he told me we'd be out we could start it on Tuesday he agreed shake my hand when I told him when I mentioned to him about you know I would acquire a deposit up front he said you have that for me on Tuesday the day I was supposed to start a job I didn't informed him that I would need it before Tuesday for as I would need to get the materials for the job contact sent out in my payment information Sunday night so that he could send me the money so Monday I could go out to what I had to do he immediately responded with yeah I'm sorry I don't actually have the money for the job and that was that works been tight so I don't have any preloaded money in the thumbtack so I've been going job by job lead by lead I get to lead good job pay the lead didn't get the job and have the money to pay a lead I couldn't put it on any more bids out or get any more leads because I was in the negatives with dump tax I wasn't even asking him to give me money that I had given them I was just asking them to clear my account so I could bid on a job so I haven't heard from him on that one similar thing happened to me again and again exact match auto pay reached out to the customer she responded once I reached out again so we said again We said again We said again We said again no response no response no response so now I contacted thumbtack and requested a refund on that one that time within hours they gave me a courtesy refund they still said I wasn't eligible for a refund but they gave me one anyway so I was able to actually put bids out on jobs so first time around no second time around better are they still like a refund on the first one because that one actually costing me money

Location: Greensboro, Vermont

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Hi there, we're sorry to hear about your experience with this customer, and that the project didn't work out. We understand some leads don't always result in a job, which is why pros are welcome to submit refund requests for these instances.

It sounds like this wouldn't qualify for a refund, but that our team issued a courtesy refund based on your experience. We're happy to take another look for you, if you'd like to contact our team through any of our social media platforms.

We'd like to ensure your profile is set up for success, and provide any tips we can to help you get more leads, specifically the ones you're interested in. We hope to hear from you soon.

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