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We decided to use late last year to have some home improvements done. They sent us a contractor next city over who proceeded to sell us on their false bag of goods and ran off with our considerable 50 percent money.

ThumbTack did send this matter to their remediation company ( who naturally agreed we were ripped off but then this contractor refused to honor this decision and merrily ran off as has ThumbTack,com.

Zero accountability! Several attempts to contact ThumbTack have been fruitless and their solution to hooking us up with a *** artist contractor who could not even handle the most basic contracting duties let alone install flooring or even properly paint our home has been to cut off this terrible contractor along with us!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I liked: Idea of the company, Concept if it were done properly.

I didn't like: Brush off.

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I have just had the same thing happen. Contractor took deposit and closed up shop.

Shut off phone, email, and took down their website.

Thumbtack's response, in short, "sorry, we haven't been able to contact them either. You should start looking into my own external resources."Now, 5 months after my bathroom was supposed to be completed, I'm out my 40% deposit, and still have a 6ft vanity sitting in my living room!I am never using Thumbtack again and would recomment others the same.


Thumbtack has never verified whether someone is a professional or not. That has been a huge complaint among actual professionals.

to Anonymous #1121979

The big question is....what does one do to combat this? The Texas State Department of Consumer Protection merely tells you "Not my JOB!!" Where do you turn???


Detroit, Michigan, United States #1119497

You should see the shady "contractors" they allow to use the site, it 's a joke! 8 out of 10 are not even licensed and insured, which is required in Michigan.

These "contractors" use pay as you go burner phones and fake email accounts to facilitate their dirty deeds. They quote low, just low enough to get in the door, then proceed to rip people off any way they can.

I have saved email interactions with Thumbtack "contractors" flat out lying to me in order to get there foot in the door. These "contractors" are ruthless!

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