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7/19/2017 COMPLAINT.draft I have been trying for years with Thumbtack to no avail.Sexual predation from requestors, paying fees I shouldn't be paying because they refuse to acknowledge travel range, having to spend endless time looking at emails that have nothing to do with massage because they have request info at the very end which should be at the front, and also because they refuse to put massage therapy in its own class (not lumped together with beauty and sports).

They have no session time limit for outcall, for incall (despite my many requests to put that or algorithm that in my site); they charge for responses to quotes way out of your mileage range that I (you) have clearly identified more than once; they don't stop sexual predation after endless requests from (me) pros to stop that; their selections for requesters (clients) don't ever indicate whether they want 2 therapists or they are requesting therapy for 1 therapist for 2 clients; I spent 2 years asking Thumbtack to define time limit client wants, not 60-90mins define 60 or 90 mins (finally, after 2 years, they do it). Their "algorithms" are abhorrent and their disrespect is abhorrent when speaking and chatting with them endless times. They are way too young, dont care. They charge way too much and I have paid over and aboard what I decently should have, considering the exceedingly excessive time I have had to unjustly spend on everything Thumbtack, especially considering the sexual predation complaints I have sent to Thumbtack agents over the years, which have been neglected as of today's sexual predation.

I am ready to file a formal CLASS ACTION complaint against them. They are very close to being as horrible as YELP (at least Yelp doesnt have sexual predators). I need a CLASS (60 or more complainants). Thumbtack needs to know they have to stop ..

only way is a Class Action. Please respond. (would like your stories as a "Pro", no insults please). I would like myself to develop a reputable decent site for reputable therapists, but that takes years.

For now, these ones online need to account for themselves and how horrible they are.. Young they may be, but thats no excuse.

Its called human decency.lanae

Review about: Thumbtack Health And Beauty Advertisement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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Yes please count me in. I have spent over $2k on their fake leads. please send me the information on


The scammed me out of $50 getting me to bid on fake leads.I know they are fake, because I will offer a great deal which none can beat, and I never hear a peep!

a person looking for my service will usually ask me questions about what I have to offer, cuz people shop. On thumbtack, its nothing but silence. theres no way I could get 10-15 leads emailed to me a day and not one person has a question about my deal. Every other platform generates more e-mails than I can handle on my own.

Tumbtack, nothing..



I have taken note of fake jobs and their refusal to refund. Im on board. I have a significant list of "customers" that have not hired any pro.


Is this still being pursued? The additions they have made of late have sent it over the edge of acceptability. I would also seek to have them shut down.


Experiencing similar troubles... count me in and send any information to, thank you!


I am in on this also.Not only fake leads that I confirmed through google after getting the persons last name and area they live.

They had no knowledge of Thumbtack sending out information. They were simply looking at the internet for a round about price. And thumbtack ran with it.

They also put out ghost leads and they kicked me off of their site like I did something wrong.This is ridiculous and Thumbtack should have to pay damages and wages lost.


I'm going through the same thing. Can you email me the information to sign


I want in on this I paid out hundreds in fake leads, TT needs to be shut down and now they are saying you don't have to pay unless you are contacted but in the fine print it says you have to pay "more than $120 if no one contacts you"!!

to Chris #1433839

Chris can I put you on a class action lawsuit list I’m gathering as many names and experiences as possible

Please send your info to

to Manifest777 #1444198

Please add us to class action.We have been using thumbtack for the past 2 years and now with the fake leads and the prices going through the roof they have basically put me out of business.

My marketing cost have DOUBLED what they were last year.

Thumbtack makes more more money off of my business then any of my employees and myself.NOT ACCEPTABLE!Please add -


I too have also experienced sexual predation as a pro 90% Of leads have requested sexual services.I also brought this to their attention and have been ignored have shown proof of preditorial clientele.

I also noticed some “pros”have not proven licensure and I am being grouped with these individuals.I am positive there is criminal activity taking place through this site and no one seems to address it


I'm in as well. They have raised the prices, raised the limit on how many pros can quote on these fake leads they put out


Where do I sign up for the Class Action Lawsuit!I am a pissed off PRO who has flushed the money down the toilet because of Thumbtack turning into a scam the latest today now 15 pros can bid on one project, 5 didn't work so now they try 15.

I love the idea of a class action suit!!!I am IN


I have done research on many leads and can prove that a good portion are fake. I Facebook search peoples names after bidding on lead, and then contact that person independently on face book and ask if they made a request or not, and often the answer is no, they have never used thumbtack and dont even know what it is.

Pretty sure the company pulls random names on Facebook In your local area and then uses that name to create a fake lead.

Contact me for more information


PLease email me the details. I am completely on board -


If they don’t reactivate my account, I’m in as well.


I’m in! Its even worse now, they are allowing 10 “pros” to bid on each lead instead of 5. So now they are getting twice as much money for each fake lead they create!

to Dave Staib #1416830

Agreed, and the cost has gone from $0.99, to 1-3.99, to 4.99-6.99, to now an outrageous $10-11 since I have been with them in 2011 I believe it was


Count me in! They have scammed me with over $600 in bogus leads.


I'm looking forward to a law suit. I'll be checking updates. thank you

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