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7/19/2017 COMPLAINT.draft I have been trying for years with Thumbtack to no avail. Sexual predation from requestors, paying fees I shouldn't be paying because they refuse to acknowledge travel range, having to spend endless time looking at emails that have nothing to do with massage because they have request info at the very end which should be at the front, and also because they refuse to put massage therapy in its own class (not lumped together with beauty and sports).

They have no session time limit for outcall, for incall (despite my many requests to put that or algorithm that in my site); they charge for responses to quotes way out of your mileage range that I (you) have clearly identified more than once; they don't stop sexual predation after endless requests from (me) pros to stop that; their selections for requesters (clients) don't ever indicate whether they want 2 therapists or they are requesting therapy for 1 therapist for 2 clients; I spent 2 years asking Thumbtack to define time limit client wants, not 60-90mins ..to define 60 or 90 mins (finally, after 2 years, they do it). Their "algorithms" are abhorrent and their disrespect is abhorrent when speaking and chatting with them endless times. They are way too young, dont care. They charge way too much and I have paid over and aboard what I decently should have, considering the exceedingly excessive time I have had to unjustly spend on everything Thumbtack, especially considering the sexual predation complaints I have sent to Thumbtack agents over the years, which have been neglected as of today's sexual predation.

I am ready to file a formal CLASS ACTION complaint against them. They are very close to being as horrible as YELP (at least Yelp doesnt have sexual predators). I need a CLASS (60 or more complainants). Thumbtack needs to know they have to stop ..

only way is a Class Action. Please respond. (would like your stories as a "Pro", no insults please). I would like myself to develop a reputable decent site for reputable therapists, but that takes years.

For now, these ones online need to account for themselves and how horrible they are.. Young they may be, but thats no excuse.

Its called human decency. lanae lagurule@comcast.net

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Health And Beauty Advertisement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am totally in with you! Despite the same tbings happening to me you mentioned.

Additionally they have posed as clients and gathered fees more then they were authorized for. For nearly 2 years they charged me $1 more each transaction, accumatively 5600$ in additional charges over that time. Then once i tried to contact a lawyer they shut my site down and made it unaccesible. No one would talk to me.

No one woukd respond to my emails. And i was a top pro for 3 plus years with hundreds of reviews.


My email is highestself.potential@gmail Please add me to the Class


STOP THUMBTACK THIEVERY! I to have been taken by thumbtack for hundreds of dollars as a top pro! Please add me or send me any and all information to join a lawsuit thank you aaronthierath@yahoo.com or athierath@gmail.com Or 314-800-9490


Thumbtack notified me I cannot get on the app unless I agree to their new terms of use & privacy policy. If I agree I cannot join the class action law suit.

If I don't agree I cannot login. They want to access my messages, video, audio, ECT. I'm a mover I bid on a 4 bedroom move.Thumbtack charges me $61. The customer then tells me he only needs a couch moved.

He lives an hour and thirty minutes away.

I exolain this the Thumbtack expecting my money back. They told me it was legit I had customer contact.


I have been ripped off too by Thumbtack. contact me at mikedallen74@gmail.com to hear my story.


I contacted Thumbtack today regarding a few customers that either marked us as hired (no responses to the messages, follow up, etc), replied to us with their quick reply options (again, no responses to the messages, follow up, etc), and either called us through their discreet phone message system (not the customers actual number, but a temp number) - I simply request a refund today for a customer named Bruce Shutan ... Bruce replied to our quote the following - "Appreciate the quote...".

$75 charged ! We sent follow up messages over and over and over again. No reply from Bruce. I contacted Thumbtack to request a refund because it's not fair to me to be charged for a THANK YOU message.

Their reply was that it shows the customer interested and therefore the charge is valid. WTF ! I chatted with them about this for over 20 minutes to no avail. But ironically, about an hour after my long and intensive conversation, "Bruce" replies to my follow up message if he's still in need of services - "No, I'm good, but thanks for checking in." SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM Let's do this.

I want my refund, plus damages for wasted capital invested in them to get bot leads.

Shut them down! "moversrusinc@gmail.com"


Thumbtackhas been taking money out of my bank account for leaves they admit I have never seen . These been taking the money twice a month and the only reason I found out is because Discover card called me and made me aware that they are taking money from the card get this that is no longer in use but because it’s an automatic with draw they can still use that number and charged me .

At least Discover card made me aware of the scan .

If they take money twice a month for me And every other person that ever tried to work with them they have made billions and billions of dollars off the scam. Where are the lawyers that handle class-action lawsuit they wouldn’t make millions of dollars from this .dprosperi1219@gmail.com


They did the same to me. Then I bid on a four bedroom the customer says he has one couch only.

They tell me nope customer contact. Unhappy mover


sign me up - moving company - Transport King - business@transportking.net ; was using Thumbtack for some time and noticed a pattern of bots requesting for jobs to be done, then systematically use their quick reply system for basic questions that are, per say, already provided and viola - $75 ... easily charged ...

no reply thereafter, no phone number, no email, nothing except a bill ... scam, scam, scam ; spent allot of money with them, requested refunds for these bot replies, no help


Has this gone any where? They deactivated my account after I filed a complaint in CA. I haven't been able to find an attorney to take my case, but was curious if this one is going anywhere??


SIGN ME UP ALSO fake leads, search persons who need work done in my city, they don't exist. Two weeks later they contact me with a line of what they wanted done.

I sent contact, never called. Because they keep the hope going.

Very deceiving. They need to by stopped asap


Has anyone heard anything back in regards to this suit being started? I realize it’s from last year and just wondering if there is anything more recent going on? Things are getting very bad over at TT Lots of new changes that are hurting the professionals


Thumbtack had introduced a new program to where pro's did not have to pay for quotes anymore. I was kind of confused in the beginning on how it all worked but managed to get through some of my services etc.

I was unaware that depending on the amount of guests listed would be the actual amount charged to me even whether or not I get hired for the job (this was sort of explained by Zach in customer service). I said to Zach "So, if I am not hired, OR if a customer is only asking a question, the amount of money [quote] to be charged will still be taken out of my bank account?" Zach responds with "Yes". I truly do not believe this is fair simply because I made a mistake when setting up the account. I asked Zach for a refund of my $51.10 because when Thumbtack took it out of my account, it overdraft me.

Zach put me on hold to speak to his "Manager" and came back saying he could not refund my money but was able to put it back in Thumbtack as a credit. I did not have money in the Thumbtack account anyway. I cannot believe that a good customer is not able to get a refund due to a simple mistake in setting up the account...where does the Customer Service come in? I told Zach, that I will need to report this because this is NOT good customer service.

I am unemployed and trying to make it, this is why I was a member of Thumbtack for several years. I am requesting a full refund of $51.10 immediately back to my bank account.

@Chef T

virtuouswomanpc@gmail.com please include me!


I'm wondering if Thumbtack is in financial truble? I have been unable to reach Corporate since they recently outsourced their customer help desk to the Philippines AND raised the cost of a quote / contact to over 500% of previous rates.

What on Earth is going on? ...So many negative blogs and disterbing comments from X-Pro's on the internet!


Send me the information. My name is Tiffany my email is tlewis12248@gmail.com


I experienced the same issue and believe they are a scam. They recently began charging my card and the leads were not what transpired.

In addition, they do not tell you the cost of the lead you are purchasing. No transparency.

I believe it's a scam. You can add me to the list and feel free to reach me at dranegan@gmail.com.


It is I'm getting repeat leads from my actual clients who haven't requested service. They are making up their own leads


I Put up a post yesterday on your site and it’s nowhere to be found which was July 7 I’m wondering what happened to it I was recently just aren’t taking off thumbtack abruptly for having an altercation with one of the wraps about a charge and he wouldn’t let me talk to a supervisor I would really like to make sure my comment is on there and wasn’t Put up a post yesterday on your site and it’s nowhere to be found which was July 7 I’m wondering what happened to it I was recently just aren’t taking off thumbtack abruptly for having an altercation with one of the customer service people about a charge and he wouldn’t let me talk to a supervisor I would really like to make sure my comment is on there and wasn’t deleted add me to your list yippie17@icloud.com


My email by the way is Yippie17@icloud.com they need to get better checks and balance with the customer service they are not gods they are not people that have the right to destroy somebody’s life of five years on thumbtack they need to have a protocol that says this will happen if you do this again I and I need to talk to people in person before they raise somebody’s entire account this is business this is someone’s life !Sorry but I’m speaking in the phone so it would be better if I typed it but I just want to make sure my email was on there

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