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7/19/2017 COMPLAINT.draft I have been trying for years with Thumbtack to no avail. Sexual predation from requestors, paying fees I shouldn't be paying because they refuse to acknowledge travel range, having to spend endless time looking at emails that have nothing to do with massage because they have request info at the very end which should be at the front, and also because they refuse to put massage therapy in its own class (not lumped together with beauty and sports).

They have no session time limit for outcall, for incall (despite my many requests to put that or algorithm that in my site); they charge for responses to quotes way out of your mileage range that I (you) have clearly identified more than once; they don't stop sexual predation after endless requests from (me) pros to stop that; their selections for requesters (clients) don't ever indicate whether they want 2 therapists or they are requesting therapy for 1 therapist for 2 clients; I spent 2 years asking Thumbtack to define time limit client wants, not 60-90mins ..to define 60 or 90 mins (finally, after 2 years, they do it). Their "algorithms" are abhorrent and their disrespect is abhorrent when speaking and chatting with them endless times. They are way too young, dont care. They charge way too much and I have paid over and aboard what I decently should have, considering the exceedingly excessive time I have had to unjustly spend on everything Thumbtack, especially considering the sexual predation complaints I have sent to Thumbtack agents over the years, which have been neglected as of today's sexual predation.

I am ready to file a formal CLASS ACTION complaint against them. They are very close to being as horrible as YELP (at least Yelp doesnt have sexual predators). I need a CLASS (60 or more complainants). Thumbtack needs to know they have to stop ..

only way is a Class Action. Please respond. (would like your stories as a "Pro", no insults please). I would like myself to develop a reputable decent site for reputable therapists, but that takes years.

For now, these ones online need to account for themselves and how horrible they are.. Young they may be, but thats no excuse.

Its called human decency. lanae lagurule@comcast.net

Review about: Thumbtack Health And Beauty Advertisement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I'm wondering if Thumbtack is in financial truble? I have been unable to reach Corporate since they recently outsourced their customer help desk to the Philippines AND raised the cost of a quote / contact to over 500% of previous rates.

What on Earth is going on? ...So many negative blogs and disterbing comments from X-Pro's on the internet!


Send me the information. My name is Tiffany my email is tlewis12248@gmail.com


I experienced the same issue and believe they are a scam. They recently began charging my card and the leads were not what transpired.

In addition, they do not tell you the cost of the lead you are purchasing. No transparency.

I believe it's a scam. You can add me to the list and feel free to reach me at dranegan@gmail.com.

to David #1519181

It is I'm getting repeat leads from my actual clients who haven't requested service. They are making up their own leads


I Put up a post yesterday on your site and it’s nowhere to be found which was July 7 I’m wondering what happened to it I was recently just aren’t taking off thumbtack abruptly for having an altercation with one of the wraps about a charge and he wouldn’t let me talk to a supervisor I would really like to make sure my comment is on there and wasn’t Put up a post yesterday on your site and it’s nowhere to be found which was July 7 I’m wondering what happened to it I was recently just aren’t taking off thumbtack abruptly for having an altercation with one of the customer service people about a charge and he wouldn’t let me talk to a supervisor I would really like to make sure my comment is on there and wasn’t deleted add me to your list yippie17@icloud.com


My email by the way is Yippie17@icloud.com they need to get better checks and balance with the customer service they are not gods they are not people that have the right to destroy somebody’s life of five years on thumbtack they need to have a protocol that says this will happen if you do this again I and I need to talk to people in person before they raise somebody’s entire account this is business this is someone’s life !Sorry but I’m speaking in the phone so it would be better if I typed it but I just want to make sure my email was on there


Hi I was a thumbtack a pro and I’m recently I got into an altercation with a customer service rep who refuse to let me talk to her supervisor and I ended up swearing at him of it escalated to me swearing at him it wasn’t what I wanted to do but he was playing a tug-of-war with me regarding just speaking to a supervisor about a credit that I felt was unfair that I was charge for our in as a result of that I ended up hanging up on him he accuse me of being unprofessional and I said you’re being unprofessional and I hung up and then I called back and spoke to another rep who was not able to really hear me very well on my cell phone for some reason so I was I couldn’t understand why someone who worked in customer service would be so belligerent to me over a $14 credit so then I proceeded to call another rap and that rep I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor and what ended up happening is that supervisor I guess I had spoke to her about eight months prior and had some kind of altercation with someone or the customer service person‘s over another credit issue or just talking to them about a client that was a horrible horrible Client that was threatening me and everything else and it got into a heated discussion or something I I barely remember anything and I never received an email from them until now because they disengage my entire account that I worked five years to develop and now I have no access to my portfolio or to any of the clients that I developed over the last five years I am absolutely devastated I am their business has slowed down so I’m looking elsewhere for other alternatives but I never got a real notice about what they were capable of doing if I got into an altercation with a customer service rep these wraps act like they’re at kings of thumbtack and they are the rudest people when you’re speaking to them on the phone they don’t act like they want to help you they act like why are you bothering me the whole protocol and set up a for thumbtack is very dangerous for a business because within a matter of one day my entire life was wiped out for the last five years my career I feel that I had no one to go to to talk to about this they wouldn’t allow me to talk on the phone to anybody I went directly to the CEO on his Twitter account I asked him if he would please help me but they do not have anyone higher up than a supervisor to talk about these issues with of the people that are on the lower told him are bullies and they get off on having tug-of-war fights with you over the phone over dumb little credit situations instead of just appeasing people are diplomatically this guy was playing tug-of-war and I didn’t mention one single thing that this man did wrong, The checks and balances at thumbtack are not balanced they have an in balance staff with an in balance check and balance and if somebody’s going to threaten to remove your entire account I say that they should tell you that in person and not through an email I never got the first email about an altercation I had back in October when I had the most horrendous Client I’ve ever dealt with in my entire life and I tried to communicate to thumbtack about it because I’ve never been so upset and I ended up getting into a big altercation with one of the guys that works there I found that the men that work there were so interested in having arguments with people and being condescending and rude to people I where is the women were more Nicer but it’s when they got their Filipino staff is when I thought wow they really have a really nice staff here on the Filipino office they were so nice no matter what you said and honestly that’s the way it should be


More than happy to add my info the list - I’ve been screwed over multiple times by thumbtack and they need to be stopped - my email isacetransformation90@gmail.com


Please add me. 2 months as a PRO and have been ripped off without knowing the cost structure for different service bids. Jmdevera@me.com


My name is Chris. guttersandrrs@yahoo.com.

I’d like more information. I’d be happy to provide my story’s d experience and information


They charged so much I lost on jobs. They refused to break down their charges for me. I have asked to no avail.


Experienced HEAVY losses due to fraudulent leads. I'm in on this, lets get a class action going.sadlerjames15@gmail.com


Im in - streamlineav93@gmail.comI saw the ship heading south early in 2017. They flat out steal now, lets hit them where it hurts.


Yes I have experienced being asked for sexual favors from leads as well as fake leads. jenniferbouzek@yahoo.com


I would be part of this class action law suit. I can be reached at frivera2006@aol.com


Has anything happened with this if so please email me resnickplumbing@yahoo.com


Add me to the list for pros that have been disqualified with no response for reasoning. I have always maintained great educate and customer satisfaction.

I had 98% satisfaction rating out of many customers I worked for. I worked hard to meet and exceed the requirements of thumbtack and i invested a good deal of money towards the goal of becoming successful and i would have been a success story using the thumbtack company. It was a service I paid for and i did not receive my share of the deal. Invested in the process and received nothing in return including a no reason termination.

I'm in on the lawsuit if it is still an option. The name is Kirk and I'm an unsatisfied thumbtack pro contractor.


They set me up after building my small startup. And now all the time and money spent was a waste.

Business is destroyed because of instant radical changes. I knew something was wrong when I stopped getting responses. They started the instant quote program and bids sent went from 5 to 10+ per customer. I was dumping so much money in without knowing it changed.

They essentially ruined me, and I'm sure hundreds more small business almost overnight. Hopefully attorneys will want to start taking part in this.If you are still planning on tho s, I'd like to hear more


Add me to the list. I would be willing to help with legal cost. They must pay for what they are doing to so many people.


I’ve been in Thumbtack for one year and rated as a top pro. They made these instant match changes which just amplified all the complaints I’m reading. They are definitely stealing and I want some justice at this point.

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