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regarding customer

Ratings for PROS is a good thing. However, when a Customer engages a Pro to conduct work then reneges on paying the Pro after work is done, what recourse with Thumbtack does the Pro have.

Small claims filings are time consuming and generally not effective. It there a Customer Rating option?



I had a question over paying for quotes how does it work can you explain


Starting back up

That's somebody please text or call me I like to know how do I start back up and what is my account number


Background check

How long does it take for thumbtack to complete the background check?


I did the background check on the 4th. How long does it takes to clear. How many day do I have to wait?


Professional with questions

Further questions about billing and how leads work


Deposit check return

How can I proceed with getting my deposit check back from a pro?


My account

I want to know why i been charge for an review.

Call me at 5109781391


Piano refinishing & rebuilding services question

I’m specialized on piano

refinishing,restoration and rebuilding.

This is my

So I detected there is not any field on pianos except for tuners and teachers.

My question is why it’s so desorganized .

So even the refinishing and in pianos it’s going to people who has not especialization?

Furniture it’s not on the piano field!

People with short experience or not experience it’s getting these job .

I was on couple months ago,but I canceled because there was not any field on piano except (piano tuners).

Pd,I called to customer service regarding to this matter but I never got any response!

Thank you very much in advance!


Unable to open any page on my Thumbtack page

Good morning.

I'm unable to open any my Thumbtack pages> I'm not able to send any quotes.



It seems I've been locked out of thumbtack & I dont understand why. I'd really like to be contacted back by phone (920)376-6986 or via email


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