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I have been using thumbtack for my company almost little over a year at the beginning They wear calling me every day once they got me on board and they made my pro account this seems to be working okay so after I work very hard for a year little over a year I got 405 five star reviews from my customers now thumbtack Charging me 50% a lead like if I am making 100$ they are charging me 50$ which is hilarious as soon as I dont pay them theyre blocking all my reviews all my business account not so now they are using my five star review ratings against me so if I dont pay them they will block all those reviews my pro will not appear on serch list This is my story if youre someone starting a new business please stay away from thumbtack any other lead generation companies just do it through your own website dont be me Working very hard at the end of the day somebody else is benefiting from it and one more thing even you dont get hired for job thumbtack stile

Charge you no matter what there customers Service sucks every time you call them u ask them for support and tried to talk them they say yeah oh yeah I will make a note thats their answer theyre not legend theyre not working with you then please stop musing or dont even start using thumbtack it will be waste of time for you it is too late for me slowly trying to get out of it but please dont be me Im just sharing this With you for starting new Business this will be the biggest mistake you make for using this lead generation companies like thumbtack

Thumbtack Pros: Price.

Thumbtack Cons: Opened leads that never responded were still money lost, Site is a joke.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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We're really sorry to hear this feedback, and that Thumbtack didn't work for your business after utilizing it for a year. It sounds like you've spoken with our support team and expressed feedback previously, we're always working on improving and we do take this feedback seriously. It's disappointing to see valuable pros leave the site, however we want to wish your business well as you move forward and find your best fit for marketing.

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