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I have been a foolish member of Thumbtack for a long time. They have VERY STRICT GUIDELINES on what I, as a service professional, can ask of a potential client and yet they do not let the people posting service requests on their site that the service professionals must PAY to submit a quote.

In my conversation with one of their "customer service professionals", I was told that they don't necessarily "tell" their customers requesting quotes that we have to pay for these quotes but the information is CLEARLY available on the site. He claimed that THUMBTACK is very transparent. It is NOT true.

Business professionals need to STAY AWAY FROM THUMBTACK. They are in the business to make money and really don't care that the business pros signed up and helping to pay for their expensive San Francisco homes are spending a lot of money responding to requests for services from people who have NO interest in dealing professionally (by responding or "thanks but no thanks" to those of us spending our hard-earned money responding to these requests.)

THUMBTACK has been one of the more disappointing professional experiences I have had and they really DON'T care.

Tom Hofbauer

P.S. I would LOVE for someone in a decision-making position at Thumbtack to contact me but it will NEVER happen because they DO NOT CARE.

Monetary Loss: $1900.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #820324

Have spent $30 on three bids so far and called the last bidder to talk further. He said he wanted to 'see what's out there'.

And my skills were more advanced than what he was looking for. The moderator failed to distinguish the skill level as well as the interest so I ended up throwing money down the drainpipe again.

to thumbprint_on_the_check_please Glenview, Illinois, United States #823917

I have been using thumbtack now since 5/13/14 and submitted about 23 quotes of which 9 were refunded. Received

several free credits.

I t has cost about $50.00; however I have received no business. I realize that this a form of advertising

but there are good places to spend advertising dollars and bad ones. As an professional in business for many years I must

charge for my consulting. These leads offer information which is impossible to quote on.

The leads are really not

qualified properly for professional services. I dont know if the company really wants to compete in the marketplace for high

quality people. I am patient up to a point!

And yes, I would like the management to respond! And i would like to talk to some satisfied designers directly.

Jericho, New York, United States #818601

I have asked thumbtack to send me a reference of two writers (like myself) who have obtained any business through its service. I suspect they're unable to do it.

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #818133

I've been having the same issue with this site the request are pouring in but all of them are just looking around to see what jobs cost they dont even engage in conversation. If you are a business owner looking to throw money away this is the perfect hole for you.

We pay to give quotes and the customer gets to window shop they should be held to some kind of commitment for the fact that it cost to know.

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