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I think it's a waste of time. There are SOME sites like this that work.

I just don't this is one of them. The gigs I book on my own are bigger than the family bar-b-que gigs they send me. At one time I thought my fee was too high, but after speaking with past clients I found out my fees were fine. Then I thought maybe it's just too big for these guys so I tried an experiment.

The next big prospect they sent me, I told them..."YOU NAME YOUR PRICE"....I want to see if this site is legit.

"YOU DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO PAY ME"....with the caliber of those in attendance I will more than likely get additional gigs from product stands on it's on merit. Do I need to continue?

"The prosecution rest"......

(And trust me.....I'm not the Food Lion says...."thissss is just my two cents)

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Hi! Sorry that you are not having a good experience.

I have had a great experience with thumbtack- btw- my prices do not change for anyone- no matter where they come from.

I don't give free consults or sessions and I will NEVER garage sale what I do. I and my business know what we are worth and I stand by it.

Miami, Florida, United States #996171

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Sandy, Utah, United States #994352

I can understand why that would be frustrating. From a customer's perspective, it can be really scary hiring someone off the internet!

That's why they rely so heavily on reviews and photos of the professional's work to ensure that they’re finding the right person for the job. If there isn’t a price included within a quote, it can almost seem too good to be true. Explaining what your quote includes helps them have a better understanding of what they're going to get for their money. Personalizing each quote is also a great way to show that you're willing to go the extra mile for the customer.

I hope this has shed some light on your concerns.

We want to help you get hired through our site, and we’re always here to help. Please give us a call at (800) 343-1710.

- Alexis

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