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I don't understand what it is you are all doing wrong or if it's because you really never give it your all because you weren't sure about the Thumbtack.com service to begin with and all ready had your mind made up that it wasn't good and have spent all of your time trying to drum up as much drama and negativity that you could about Thumbtack that you lost your true drive in trying to make it work. All of you I am sure love Facebook.

This is the second time I have been on this site since my first post this one a year ago or so. I wish I could tell you what you're doing wrong. It just puzzles me. We have been doing very well with Thumbtack and I have remained #1 out of 30 or so others in the same trade in Phoenix AZ 85051 now for a year and 75% of them are licensed and have a registered business name.

Actually most of our business this year has come from Thumbtack.

Sorry it's not working for you all. Seems really strange.

Original review posted by user Dec 13, 2013

My partner and have made roughly $15,650 in the past 6 months from our add on Thumbtack.com. and were not even licensed.

***, we could have done a lot more if we weren't already busy with our add on Craigslist. When we ran across this site and read the complaints all we could do is laugh. There's also been a couple big jobs that we wouldn't have landed from our Craigslist add if it hadn't been for Thumbtack.com just because I had a background check done by Thumbtack and thumbtack had verified all of my credentials We Got the Job. A $3000 job and $1000 of that was material which the customer paid for and that left us each $1000 for labor and therefore we don't need a license.

The job only took 3 days. This was just one example of many jobs we've done for Thumbtack.com. Also, if you think for one minute that we're going to give you our link or tell you how to find us on Thumbtack.com. Well think again, we're not.

We don't need your drama and don't care for your poor me Pity Parties. Your All Just Dumb Or Just Plain Lazy.

We Thank You Thumbtack.com For Making A Difference In Our Lives. Oh, Thank You For Making Our Wallets Heavier Too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Customer Care.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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You're gonna get 1099'd son. And one day the irs is gonna look at ya and wonder how you make 15k in 6 months without a licence.

You should get a license. Your in arizona, son you could probably find a license in a Cracker Jack box or maybe at a garage sale.


Thumbtack is SCAM because they ask for money all the time never give you jobs people ask for jobs because they need the income people don't look for jobs for fun.


I understand is people is going to be happy or unhappy but I have the right to have my own opinion thumbtack for me is and SCAM .


It is clear to everyone here that you work for thumbtack. Your review is fake and you know it.

The statistics speak for themselves; the only real reviews here are the ones from unsatisfied customers. I hope you get busted and shut down soon for misleading people and stealing their money!


I believe you work for thumbtack also. What a scam they have going.

I get a lot of leads then I get phone messages with out of state area codes saying I bid on their job.

I tried to call a few back and always get a recording saying this is not a working number. Also I am a cleaning company owner and have been is business long enough to know 90% of customers are when calling for quotes, on thumbtack they are 90% men.


"Your", "Add". Who's dumb again?


You are exactly the kind of company that would do well on thumbtack -- an unlicensed company that appeals to bottomfeeders.


Total ***


you're so full of *** it's laughable.


Sorry dude, I call *** on your fake review. Thumbtack's business model is to make money off of the freelancers/contractors. You are either an employee of Thumbtack or someone they hired doing reputation management.


I think to pay to get a job is a *** thing to do and to call someone lazy because of it is ignorant. Also if you are not licensed, the state should be contacted as you obviously do not have the ability to do anything.

Stop being *** yourself. Thumbtack is a SCAM, you must work for them.

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