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Instant Match allows customers to contact you via email...sounds good. However...they do not provide a phone number and may not speak with you at all.

The email much be a check list because it comes with a message like: "Sounds great...when can we meet?" No description of their project. Cost me nearly 300 bucks for 6 contacts whom I have not even spoken with. I contacted Thumbtack with a detail of each customer. Their reply: "It falls under the contact guidelines.

Technically the customer reached out to me. If I cannot get them to answer a follow up email...thats my problem." In addition...They charge you at a higher rate for a contact and you may not even be interested in the project. It does not allow you to determine for yourself if you want to pay for this contact.

It is predetermined when you sign up. They have lost their integrity with this "instant match" approach and it is a scam.

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