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What happened? Let me compare this to a Real Estate buyer.

Bare with me here with this analogy.

Thumbtack leads are like the 'kick the tire' home buyer. They have no intentions of buying your house. They have not been approved for a mortgage. They have no money.

They do love going to your open house and pretend. This is your thumbtack client.

In short-they want to kick the tires and look through your home and waste your time. But guess what? You pay for it.

You pay for that person who comes in your house and pretends to want to buy your house.

That is what Thumbtack is. A collection of 'tire kickers' that I have to pay for. How can this be? How can someone who simply say's 'hello' to me be someone I have to pay money for?

What a racket.

Let me repeat-A response-Not a transaction. In two years I've had maybe 5 leads. Leads...that word is a huge gross misrepreation.

I guess I have to go back to calling them LEADS! {To provide context to this scam}

How much did I pay for these bad 'leads'?

Around $250.00 dollars for a complete waste of my time and money.

'Thumbtack' is akin to a slot machine in Vegas. At least a slot machine is fun when you loose your money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Thumbtack Leads.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Thumbtack has made SO many changes over the passéd two years that have only hurt their Pros for the most part. It's really sad.

Triple bid fees. Removed the (5) bid limit. Allows customers to contact unlimited amount of contractors. Paying upfront to "promote" your buisness.

All contractors charged $ for just a conversation that only (1) contractor ends up getting the job for. No disclosure to the customers that contacting the contractors will cost each of them $ if they respond. Contractors setting their budget and having to turn "ON" their status so that Thumbtack can charge them upfront for the computers exact match that usually ends up going nowhere except $ coming out of your account. If you pause your promote status they only send you *** leads from all over the state even though you have your geographical status set at 20 mile radius.

On an on... SMH

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