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I feel like Im getting ripped off. Thumbtack is called dont get me wrong the thing that I dont like about them is when you get leads your charge for them and if the customer picks two or three other people are the pros thumbtack keeps your money even if you dont get hired thats not fair.

What else I dont like is I change switched credit cards on my account so it can start coming out of another credit card once I did that I guess it automatically reset for $335 when I originally had it set for $185. Now every time I put in a request for a refund thumbtacks says it doesnt it doesnt qualify for a refund that particular lead well what qualifies it if youre constantly taking my money so now I have $283 worth of charges and I did one job and now I have to take that money that I made and pay its a thumbtack and I cant get none of my money back from all the leads that I didnt get hired for

Monetary Loss: $283.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us, Samantha. We're sorry to see you go, we'd really like to help with these concerns and set you up for success.

While we can't guarantee hires, we're happy to revisit those refunds you mentioned, and work together on ensuring your budget tool and preferences are set up the way you want them. Please reach out to our team through any social media platform, so that we can provide direct support and gather specific feedback.

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