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I dont qualify to speak to a live person is what thumbtack told me. I have been on Thumbtack with a professional profile for years.

They constantly charged me for leads that I had marked on my calendar as blocked days. When I request a refund they deny it. Then I have to request to speak to someone and they only allow me to text. Very inconvenient and a waste of my time.

Now they recently charged me for a travel area that I do not go to. I have never gone to and I have never had my travel preferences selected for that area. They proceeded to tell me that I have had it for a long time and they cannot refund me. I am just overall super frustrated and irritated with some tag because they do not actually give any kind of decent customer support.

They take my money without blinking but yet dont listen to me when Im requesting a refund because its not fair they are charging me for a lead I cannot accept or travel to. I have deactivated my account.

User's recommendation: Do not use Thumbtack unless you want your money taken from you.

Location: San Francisco, California

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We're sorry to see you go, it's disappointing to hear how you haven't had a good experience. We have wonderful agents that are all skilled and trained the same, both on the phone and on our non-voice channels.

Our phone support service is for our Top Pros, you're welcome to get in touch with our support team by texting 415-299-6398 Monday through Friday 6am to 6pm MST. You're also welcome to send us a DM via social media, we can look into those refunds you mentioned and take any additional feedback you're willing to share.

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