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I recently hired a "PRO" from Thumbtack to install a glass mosaic tiled shower. The tile job is completely unacceptable.

The grout lines and tile are so uneven that it hurts your eyes. I stopped them from completing the job once I walked into the bath and saw the butchered job they had done. When I contacted Thumbtack and submitted photos of this ridiculous tile job, they insisted their guarantee only covers damage to ones home caused by the contractor that he WAS NOT hired for. WHAT TYPE OF WORTHLESS "Guarantee" is that?

I will let the photos speak for themselves. It's been 1.5 months---I'm out over $2400 and I am still without a working shower in my guest bath.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2450.

Preferred solution: Full refund for cost of tile, full refund for money given to contractor for supplies. I am also seeking additional funds to redemo the tile to start from scratch. I demo work was already complete before hired contractor began. .

Thumbtack Cons: Customer service resolution, Lost use of guest bathroom, Lost money, Thumbtack guarantee is useless.

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I think he did a phenomenal job for someone who was tripping on acid! Not bad, lol :/


Had the same *** happen..thumbtack sucks


Is this true? Looking at the glass tile pictures you posted I could not believe what I was seeing!

This guy a drunkard or drug addict? Is he licensed?

(most likely not) His first name Dave or Andrew? In any case you should immediately file with the state licensing board CSLB.ca.gov Contact me at josefsmyth@mail.com


100 percent true. He actually thought it looked ok!!

I broke down in tears the moment I saw it. His name is Jason. After this experience, I found out Thumbtack does require anyone to have a license.

Huge lesson learned. Now, I immediately ask to see their license before beginning any work on my home.


I totally agree with you on Thumbtack, their guarantee is useless! I used their service and hired a sheetrock service and they did such a horrible job we had to tear it all down and start over!

After many phone calls and email through their resolution department all they kept saying was to work it out with the sheetrock workers! Will never use Thumbtack again!


I am so sorry this has happened to you!

Unfortunately, events like this will continue to happen as long as Thumbtack allows amateurs on the site to 1. Get on the site and 2.

Write 5 Star reviews on their own profile

This is why people hire *** contractors that have NO CLUE what they're doing...

As soon as they get an honest, bad review they are allowed to make up a name, create a fake job request and write 3 more Five Star reviews to hide all the negative.

It's all about the money for TT or as I've heard it best said "Dumbtack"

More fake request means more bidders and that means more $! Shady, unethical scam company!!!


I completely agree! I have already swayed four personal friends from using their services simply by showing these photos and reports of faux reviews.

In turn, they have shared the same with their friends.

Word gets around fast. I foresee the downfall of this scam company in the near future.


Please text for cell phone number to our customer service shanno01n@gmail.com,we will work on your total refund,Thank you.

@Thumbtack feedback

I have already spoken to Thumbtack directly regarding this incident. No resolution. STILL.

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