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Your support system will not work, I spoke with a customer service yesterday, do u not know this , do I have to tell you the details of this case and get the runaround she gave me a date of January 22nd that we should have this thing settled she said she was going to expedite it she was going to call someone I have an email to that effect you need to catch up you need to stop sending me these useless emails this case is not closed and won't be closed and if I have to go to small claims court in Dallas Texas thumbtack will be named I'm sorry to have to say that and get ugly about this but I am sick and tired of this running around this man Keith Green is a stone thief, he thinks he's smart ripping people off he has no intentions of doing the right thing he offered to settle with me on the phone for 275. Then he disappears either tell me that you're not going to do anything about this so I can proceed in a different direction and stop wasting my time and yours you have all the facts of this case if you need anything else I'll be happy to get them to you but don't send me these useless emails that have no response to them

User's recommendation: Not use this man ever say as far away from him as you can and thumbtack seems to be giving me the runaround we'll see what happens.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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Thank you for reaching out to us about your experience. We were able to locate your case, based on some of the details you provided here.

It looks like your project concerns have been since resolved based on email communication last dated January 26th. If anything changes, or you need assistance, please respond directly to those emails from our Trust and Safety Team.

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