I was with Thumbtack when they first started. Made numerous bids never any word back. When they went to the $14 unlimited bid per month I tried that. Bid on everything and anything, high and low. Not one response.

Now there is a new scammer called Outsource.com. 15 to 20 jobs a day emailed to me. Submitted a few bids nothing. One thing I've notice budgets are ridiculously low. A website for a Home Health Agency and the budget is less than $500.

Here's another "job description" with a budget less than $500 - "I need a graphic designer freelancer that can draw/sketch mens apparel ( men's shirts, men denim jeans, polo shirts, t-shirts,and men's sports jogging suit and sportswear. Must have experience with men's fashions, sizing and various color combinations."

Just Google "online freelance companies" and nothing came up about them. They are advertising on Facebook, which is how I found out about them.

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Wheaton, Illinois, United States #954506

I too have been sucked in by this company known as Outsource.For what is advertised as $20 option I unwittingly entered into a 6 month contract costing $100.

Surprise, surprise. With that I only get to quote on about 5-6 projects a month. As you can imagine, that goes quick as my email is bombarded by project lists every day. I can quote on more but then I'd have to pay for those a la carte.

To date I have only quoted on 6 projects with no returns. Then again, I'm not even sure these are real companies looking for work.

So far this has been a negative experience for me but a real win for Outsource.com. You go Outsource.

If this were an honest company, a one month trial for new users would be in effect - thus I would have tried my 6 quotes for $20 and not have been hit so hard financially. My gamble, my loss. And that is just what this site offers. A gamble at best.

One last point about the projects.

Many are like the following: Full blown website for under $500.


just go get template, please.

to Arnolfo Palo Alto, California, United States #956580

Hi Arnolfo, I'm sorry to hear that you have not had a good experience so far.I'd really like the opportunity to improve your experience on the website so far.

Your frustration with the number of credits received is understandable, but we really try to set you up in the best way possible to find success on the website throughout the 6 month membership.A lot of extensive research has been done to setup the credit system with the goal of providing a quality website for freelancers to find work and for clients to hire freelancers.

I asked our support team to reach out to you to help with your concerns and to provide some tips to help with making your profile and quotes stand out.

to Outsource.com Support Team New York, New York, United States #963066

You didn't have to write this if you were providing best customer service. If you really want to provide best service and get more clients and not POOR reviews change your business style. I'm sure you are making money scamming freelancers (you say its not scam, but 1000's don't believe you).

to Outsource.com Support Team Concord, North Carolina, United States #994951

Who in their right mind, would ever pay to apply for JOBS?





#SUCKERS now for some SEO Keywords "Is Outsource.com a scam"

Palo Alto, California, United States #936506

First of all, I'm really sorry to hear that you have not seen better results on Outsource.com so far.

We receive a lot of positive feedback from freelancers who have successfully found work on our website, so I firmly believe that we will be able to provide you with those same results.We would be happy to help if you need any assistance making your profile appear more appealing, such as figuring out what to include in your description, portfolio, or quotes.

I understand your concern that sometimes the budgets that are posted by clients can seem low for the work that is need. More often than not, we see these same clients hiring at market rate prices which probably means the clients don't understand how much certain projects will cost.

Our team monitors every job that is posted on the site to ensure that only legitimate jobs are posted.

We have a great support team here and we'd love the opportunity to help you see better results on the site.Please contact us at support@outsource.com.

to Outsource.com Support Rep Hermitage, Tennessee, United States #967165

Where are the good review comments?

to Outsource.com Support Rep Dallas, Texas, United States #967185

Outsource our social media power can publicly ruin a company.This is a warning that you better keep things legal.

Like we stated above we are watching. And if the complaints continue it wont be pleasant.

Seems as though your reputation is in the toilet like Thumbtacks.Making mention of them is not even worth it, they make your operation look legit.

to Outsource.com Support Rep #979841

I'd love to talk to one of these freelancers that has provided positive feedback who found work successfully on the Outsource.com site. They must be relatives of the owners.

Waynesboro, Virginia, United States #1079046

I blew over $100 on Outsource.The design requests tend to range from unrealistic (for the fee offered) to absolutely absurd.

I've bid on over a dozen projects... progressively lowering my fee standards and still got out- (read "under-") bid.

I have over 25 years of experience in graphic design along with an impressive portfolio.These people are looking for low bid, in my opinion.

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