I was with Thumbtack when they first started. Made numerous bids never any word back. When they went to the $14 unlimited bid per month I tried that. Bid on everything and anything, high and low. Not one response.

Now there is a new scammer called Outsource.com. 15 to 20 jobs a day emailed to me. Submitted a few bids nothing. One thing I've notice budgets are ridiculously low. A website for a Home Health Agency and the budget is less than $500.

Here's another "job description" with a budget less than $500 - "I need a graphic designer freelancer that can draw/sketch mens apparel ( men's shirts, men denim jeans, polo shirts, t-shirts,and men's sports jogging suit and sportswear. Must have experience with men's fashions, sizing and various color combinations."

Just Google "online freelance companies" and nothing came up about them. They are advertising on Facebook, which is how I found out about them.

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to Not for Pros #1021180

What freelance sites do you recommenend then?

Austin, Texas, United States #956359

I too had the worse experience with them, I was applying for jobs and never got only feedback after 2 weeks I decided that the $101 I spent (when I thought I only had to spend $20) wasn't worth it anymore I called and asked for refund, I was informed that I wasn't going to issued one even if I cancelled my membership.After fighting with a sales rep for a good 10 mins (she actually at one point put me on hold and pretended to get a manager and tried to play as the manager for a good 2 minutes until I pointed out she sounded like the exact some person I just talked too!) she finally gave in and told me that I could get half my money back.


you were quick to take my money out of my account but when you cant delieve the results that are promised you only want to give me only half of my money back??I will never deal with this company again or recommend it to any of my freelance friends.

to Angry Freelancer Palo Alto, California, United States #956475

I'm very sorry to hear that you have not had a great experience so far and we would really like to work with you to help resolve the issue.2 weeks is usually enough time to get realistic results from the website, which is why we provide a 6 month membership.

By doing the membership for 6 months, you will get a lot of opportunities to connect with clients and find work through the website. We have a great support team that is here to help you along the way with creating a great profile and sending out quotes.

We truly care about the success of our freelancers and I'm glad that you were able to speak to our representatives to figure out your concerns.

We typically don't provide refunds, but I believe that we were able to resolve this for you and gave you a partial refund for the remaining time that you had not used, not half.If there is any confusion, then please follow up with at support@outsource.com and we will be happy to resolve this for you.

to Outsource.com Support Team Tempe, Arizona, United States #956483

Better keep your nose clean Outsource. We are watching.

to Outsource.com Support Team #978701

I get over 50 emails a week.The same jobs written a different way.

It was a total waste of my time.

Liars, Liars...everything they say comes out of a script. I received an email with the exact same words a customers service representative told me over the phone. They just want to take your money and run, they DO NOT help you get jobs, as they claim. Scam Artists!

They get an F for ratings in my book.

They took over $130 from me and they do not want to refund my money. When I signed up, they had a money back guarantee. It is a lie, they told me that they will give me 6 months of free service when my subscription expires in 6 months and they told me to call back after 5 months so that they will not bill my card again.

This is just a legalized form of robbing you when you are just trying to work.Consumer Protection Bureau, that is where we all need to complain.

to Anonymous #978702

I have posted to social media sites.And will continue to post every few days for 6 months.

The $133 dollars they took from me is gonna cost them over 100 times the amount.

Everyone here should do the same.

Until they are out of business!!

You took from us Outsource!Now we will take from you!

Hamden, Connecticut, United States #955876

Scam alert !Beware of this company !

As a couple of other people here have mentioned, they ask you to pay a small amount less than $20.00 but then charge your card for more. I was charged $137 which I did NOT authorize. Judging by the fact that others are having the same problem, it's pretty obvious this is planned. Charging someone's card without their permission is fraud.

No one picks up the phone when you call.

WARNING TO ALL FREELANCERS: STAY AWAY !I will be contacting the California Attorney General's office.

to ge Palo Alto, California, United States #956471

We are definitely not trying to scam anyone and would like the opportunity to resolve this issue for you.All of our memberships are for 6 months and this is stated prior to purchasing the membership.

If there was any confusion, then our support team would be glad to resolve this for you. Can you please contact us at support@outsource.com?

I will tell our team to keep an eye out for an email from you.

A lot of freelancers are very happy with the website and are finding that it is a great source of work.I would really like the opportunity to make it work for you as well.

to Outsource.com Support Team New Hope, Pennsylvania, United States #967611

I would love to speak to one of the clients who "hired" a freelancer through Outsource.

to Outsource.com Support Team #989977

Outsource, you say that "a lot of freelancers are very happy" with no documentation whatsoever. You have to prove it,guys. I didn't buy in, so no money lost but on behalf of my fellow freelancers, you need to re-think.

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